How the Online Slips, Mobile App and PALMS work together!




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    Mr Chandrasekar T.S.

    It is awesome to see we can enter referrals any where and any time

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    Mrs. Madelyn Tyson

    How do we enter 1-2-1s with a person from a BNI in another country?

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    Jeremy Walsh

    @madelyn - at this time we can only enter activity with a member within our own region.  This is something that we hope to expand to include other members within the country - that update we hope to happen later this year.  Cross country activity is still being decided for a possibility in the future.

    Hope this helps!

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    Ms Ginny Grabowski

    How do we check our attendance?

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    Ms. Beth Barnes

    My prior entered referrals ceus and other data is not showing up in the app. How do I fix this?

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    Mr Mark Lightfoot

    How do we record activity across chapters within the same country?

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    Mr. Annie Lewis

    Escrow officer

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    Michele Creager

    My Visitor count isnt correct how can that be remedied?

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    Kim Edwards

    Can I print my PALMS month by month report on the mobile app? I can't locate it anywhere.

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    Mr. James Carmona

    Sarah clemens

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