Recording Cross Chapter Activity




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    Dr Clive Pigott

    Any options for outside of country referrals?

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    Mr Bill Bailey

    Tried to record referral but doesn’t recognise name

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    Jennifer Ross

    How do we submit referrals from an earlier date? For example, I just learned how to submit cross-chapter referrals but had given 2 referrals within the last few weeks to someone in another chapter. Do I use today's date or is there a way to enter a previous date?

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    Mr Leslie Wilson

    Trying to register cross chapter 1-2-1’s but search does not recognise any name submitted

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    Mr Andy Kneale

    Trying to do a tyfcb out of chapter but once i press send it just keeps hanging and doesnt record it. I have logged out and back in again but this doesnt help

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    Ms Trina Lo

    When will we have global 1-2-1s recorded?

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    Mr Dennis Michael

    I second Trina Lo's comment. There are no more borders with us conducting business outside of our country of origin. It would be cool if we could register 1-2-1s and TYFCB and Referrals to people in other countries.

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    Mr Alan Wright

    Want to put in Thank you for business to Peter Mathews Global Re Group. Battle Chapter cross chapter but did not come up through search even though I know he is in Chapter: Battle, Sussex UK. Hope you can help? Thanks, Alan

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