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Completing Your Member Profile



  • Ms. Shari Strauss

    Anyone know the best way to print the bio?

  • Jeremy Walsh


    The best way to print the bio in a friendly format is the Member Details report:

    You can use this for any member of your chapter  :- )

  • Don Morris

    How does one add/edit a member's picture gallery?

  • Larry Brand Sr

    Don ...

    There is a Gallery associated with every member's Profile that is perfect for displaying samples of work to assist in demonstrating products and/or services.

    The Gallery itself can be found under the 'Photos' tab on the menu bar directly under your Profile photo ... it is the third tab from the right.

    To upload photos to your personal Photo Gallery, you will want to access the main menu on your Profile Page:

    -> go to Network > Picture Gallery

    -> click on the <Upload> button

    -> click on the magnifying glass button to locate the file on their computer that you are trying to upload

    -> add a Title and a Description

    -> and then click on <Submit>

    Hope that this helps ... 

  • Don Morris

    Ah! You can understand my confusion when the Photos tab did not show up under my profile when I was editing it. I'll make a suggestion for enhancement in the appropriate forum—it doesn't make sense that you'd edit this one area of your profile in a completely different manner.

  • Ms. Diane Napper

    What are the dimensions of the "My Business" section? I would like to add a image, video or slider, but am having trouble figuring out how wide it should be so that I get the best resolution. Thank you!

  • Ms. Sandra Goldstein

    how do you add testimonials to the profile page


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