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    Mrs. Melonie Holmes

    It would be great if you could connect to multiple members at once rather than having to add them one by one.

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    Mr Simon Clarke

    I agree withe Mel, this needs to be sorted

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    Ms. Linda Lewis

    When I search for a member to add to my connections, it lists their name, but there is no + beside it so I can add them. There are plus signs by the names of others that came up in the search. I reconfirmed that they are NOT currently a connection. I tried several times; same results - I can't add a connection.

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    Jeremy Walsh


    If there is no + sign next to a member, it means that you either are already connected to this person <OR> you have a pending invitation with them.  You can check your pending invitations and resend a reminder if that one is in there.

    Hope this helps!

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    Leslie Biagini-Salazar

    Hi Jeremy,

    I have had several instances where I have sent a connection request AND e-mailed from my own e-mail to let the member know I sent a connection request. They received my e-mail but not the connection request. Am I doing something wrong?

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    When you send in a connection request, they will receive the invitation notice within BNIConnect and not as a separate email.

    It is good that you have sent an email separately, to prompt them to log in and to accept your connection request.

    We hope this helps.

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