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Completing Your Member Profile



  • Bill Galinsky

    What's the best to print a copy of the BIO/GAINS/TOPS profile? When I try using the print button the report has scroll bars in the different sections, which truncates the information.. 

  • Jeremy Walsh


    The best way to print out the Bio\GAINS\TOPS for yourself or for another fellow chapter member is through the MEMBER DETAILS REPORT:

    Hope this helps!


    Is it possible to add a file or presentation to a profile? For example the presentations from conferences?

  • Mr Sean Goodman

    How can I add gallery photos? I've done it before, but can't seem to see how to upload now?

  • Larry Brand Sr

    Sean ...

    There is a Gallery associated with every member's Profile that is perfect for displaying samples of your work to assist in demonstrating your products and/or services.

    The Gallery itself can be found under the 'Photos' tab on the menu bar directly under your Profile photo ... it is the third tab from the right.

    To upload photos to your personal Photo Gallery, you will want to access the main menu on your Profile Page:

    -> go to Network > Picture Gallery

    -> click on the <Upload> button

    -> click on the magnifying glass button to locate the file on their computer that you are trying to upload

    -> add a Title and a Description

    -> and then click on <Submit>

    Hope that this helps ... if there are any further questions, please let us know.

    Have a great day, and thanks!

    … Larry

    Larry Brand Sr

    BNI Connect Support Team

  • Robert Mitchell

    Jeremy, I met you at the conference and really enjoyed your presentations. I have a internet company that sends me referrals in Springfield. I shared with them how BNI works and BNI Connect. When they need a contractor in a town where they don't have a partner they call me and I find them one through BNI Connect. My only problem with BNI Connect is half our members aren't using it. Their profile is woefully inadequate, if they even have it filled out. Half don't list the cities they service. If I type in Nixa Mo, a part of Springfield I get 14 members, Springfield Mo 30, Rogersville 6, even a business owner in Rogersville does not show up because he has not listed it in his key words. I share this with you because I know how hard you are working at training members, we need it!! :) Is there a way for me to share this video on our BNI Facebook page?


  • Jeremy Walsh

    @Robert - great to hear from you!  Indeed - it is a powerful tool once people begin using it.  You are absolutely welcome to share the video by using this link:

    Thanks a bunch and have a great week!

  • Mr. Michael Hess

    Hello everyone. This is my second BNI group. I left BNI for personal reason and am glad be back. It is a great a great marketing tool. Easy and friendly way to make friends and build a clientele. Good luck to all.


    BTW let me know if your looking for a service plumber in Northe East Ohio.



  • Theresa Duchene

    Why can I not change my email address on the contact details page?

  • Signor Matteo Cerantola

    Thank you Larry! Problem solved! Bye from Italy

  • Mr. Ajay Wagh

    how do i add Testimonials of others.. the page does not show me anything

  • Ms. Leslie Hutchison

    Jeremy - THANK YOU FOR UPDATING THIS to the new brand - it is a great tool to send to all of our members that need that gentle NUDGE!!! You rock!!

    One of my DC's did this schematic for me to send out too, which easily shows which tab does what...


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