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Cross Chapter Visitors PALMS Recognition for members
69 votes 23 comments
Bereavement Policy Consideration
16 votes 12 comments
Search member by chapter name on App
13 votes 8 comments
11 votes 13 comments
Please can we have proper web links and pages enabled for core groups
10 votes 5 comments
Cross chapter referrals, 1:1s and TYFCB.
9 votes 3 comments
Push notifications on mobile app for referrals received Planned
9 votes 6 comments
8 votes 18 comments
Connections and connection requests should be in the mobile app
6 votes 6 comments
Notice of TYFCB entries
6 votes 1 comment
GAINS Profile One Pager
6 votes 3 comments
Meeting summary
6 votes 5 comments
change privacy settings on your mobile app
6 votes 9 comments
Weekly "I Haves"
6 votes 2 comments
We should be able to register for trainings through mobile bni connect app
6 votes 2 comments
TYFCB be simple transition from the referral - just input the dollar amount
5 votes 5 comments
TYFTB Nag Box. Forces members to confirm TYFTB
5 votes 5 comments
5 votes 3 comments
Two Additional Features
5 votes 6 comments
Slips Filter
5 votes 3 comments
Thank You For Closed Business Reminders in App, Connect, and Email
4 votes 6 comments
BNI Visitor Registration and Guests
4 votes 2 comments
4 votes 3 comments
Request for TYCB
4 votes 2 comments
Check box for Renewals on TYFCB
4 votes 2 comments
Contact sphere
4 votes 2 comments
Traffic lights report
4 votes 4 comments
Please let’s us “paste” info in the app
4 votes 1 comment
Managing visitors in app
4 votes 2 comments