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    Jeremy Walsh

    @bradley - thank you for this suggestion!  Kindly note that after the application is started, if it is "abandoned", the applicant will get a few reminders to finish it as will the VP.  We will look into the feasibility of expanding these alerts to either more people or frequency of the messages.  It is appreciated - have a nice weekend  :- )

  • Rick Bennett

    I think this is a great request. In my business we use online applications and I am notified as soon as the application is started. I then make a note to follow up with the applicant within 24 hrs if I do not receive a completed app, basically in the form of “Hi Mr Smith, I see you started your application. Please let me know if I can assist with anything, or if you are having any technical issues.” And then, like you mentioned above, the online system automatically starts a drip campaign if it remains incomplete for 7 days or more.


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