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The state of BNI U


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  • Meaghan Chitwood

    Thank you so much for your feedback. We consistently collect suggestions from Members, Leadership Teams and Directors.

    We are working on improving the search function by updating and clarifying descriptions and tags. We know we have work to do in this area and are working on it consistently.  

    Courses, Curricula and Training is new language for BNI and we are doing our best to educate everyone on it. 

    • Courses - Small, bite sized pieces of content on very specific topics which is why podcasts are here.
    • Curricula - A body of knowledge you need to know to do a job in BNI
    • Training (not being used at this time) - in person and virtual live training opportunities. These are currently in development.

    You will want to go to Courses most of the time if you are browsing.

    The labels are an interesting technical challenge. Because BNI operates in 50 different languages, translations are always a consideration. I can edit everything in English, but that causes everything to be labeled in English for other countries. We are awaiting for further development of the software to enable us to make customization like this.

    If you have any other specific suggestions, I am always open to feedback.


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