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Facebook referrals



  • Official comment
    Jeremy Walsh

    @bradley - the reason behind the mandatory requirement of the phone number is to help enforce the requirement that a referral is willing and able to be contacted, which distinguishes it from being a lead.  Although more is done nowadays other than through phone, we would welcome suggestions for alternatives to being able to support this accountability method.  Especially with things like a Facebook referral , and the people are not connected, how could we help to make sure that the referral can be followed through with?


  • Mr. Bradley Bailey

    That makes perfect sense, Jeremy. Thanks for your response.

  • Ms. Alle Bechtel

    I also make a lot of Facebook and Meeting House Referrals. We can often connect members with the person online without a phone number. I have seen the interaction occur online without a phone number and result in TYFCB. Could there be a drop-down option for social media? It's not any different than someone writing a slip that checks the box, "Given Your Card" and often more reliable than just giving a card. 


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