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BNI University-MSP's


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  • Ms. Tori Elrod

    I have just recently joined BNI and when I was told to go to to do my MSP training I did just that. After being redirected to a third party website (SchooX) that asked for my email multiple times I gave up trying until I got back to my next meeting and found out that was the actual site that you use for MSP training. My problem is that this site (SchooX) really looks like a phishing site. There is nothing that indicates BNI is associated with it anywhere and I would have never signed into it on my own. During a 1 to 1 today, another new member mentioned that he had not done his MSP training yet and it turns out his reasoning was the same. 

    I would suggest making it more obvious that SchooX is a site associated with BNI so members feel comfortable logging into it. 


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