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When we receive a notification about a face To face it is not possible To see who is sending



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    Jeremy Walsh

    @francis - we are currently tracking a "bug" that in some cases when you click on the alert it only takes you to the app and not all the way to the action.  We have this on our future resolution list but I am not 100% sure when it may be put into a release.  Thanks for your patience and for raising it!

  • M. Francis GILLARD
    Hello Jeremy,
    Thanks for your response.
    One another point is : When you collect info for new invitation (People not in the BNI organisation but in your smartphone's contact list);
    1. It takes a very long time to access to the contact list of the SmartPhone (ANDROID/GALAXY S8+ from samsung)
    2. (OK, i have about 4500 contacts)
    3. Activities list is very limited (in this way we have only the choice to choce "OTHER" category with OTHER (AUTRE in French in this sublist)

    Thanks for your response/solution.

    you can put it in another ticket pls



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