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    Jeremy Walsh

    @david - you are correct - only the ability to invite and register a visitor before a meeting are available.

    The short answer to this is that there are multiple steps in the process that are done by up to three different people before they finally get into the PALMS Report for credit!

    1) They are invited to and are preregistered for the meeting, either by RSVP\self register or by a member registering them through BNI Connect or the mobile app.  This is done BEFORE the meeting.

    2) AFTER the meeting they are then marked as attended with the option to add to PALMS. This is usually done by the visitor host or ST. When this is done they are removed from the prospective visitor list and then become a chapter visitor. <OR> if step 1 was skipped a new visitor record is added directly.

    3) When the VP goes to enter the next PALMS, they will be presented with all of the visitors that had been entered since the last PALMS report (regardless of visit date). They need to approve the visitor credit for each one and it will be added to the appropriate PALMS, even if it was previously submitted.

    If you are bringing visitors and still not getting credit, it is likely that step 2 or 3 is not happening properly by the visitor hosts and\or leadership team.  I would be happy to troubleshoot that directly through support!  Please submit a support ticket by clicking the ? in BNI Connect and clicking “submit a request” or going directly to 

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