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    Jeremy Walsh

    Great to hear from you, hope all is well!

    The TYFCB slips online was modeled directly inline with the official paper slips program in BNI. In the paper version, the TYFCB is an anonymous entry (for many reasons, some of them for client confidentiality).

    From the BNI Slips document (
    Note: By assigning this amount to the person who gave the referral resulting in the business, this 
    will preserve confidentiality of each individual’s income. In addition, this will show each member’s value as a “referral giver” to the other members of the chapter.

    Although a notification and\or seeing both sides of the transaction may be desired by some, it could be "illegal" for others. Most notably this could cause doctors, lawyers and other professionals to not be able to participate in the TYFCB process.

    In the meantime, the best way to make another member aware is by letting them know and, if there is mutual agreement, announcing it during the "I have" portion of the meeting.

    Hope this helps!

  • Mr Michael Smith

    A choice for an anonymous option is the best way to resolve this.

    I've no idea whether people have put a thank you for the business in for me, unless I analyse the amount every time I give a referral. 

  • Mr Adrian Sanmogan

    This would be really useful. You receive a message when you get a referral so why not when you receive tyftb.

  • Mr Adrian Sanmogan

    A simple notification stating that member x has thanked member y using the app is all that is required. No other detail is needed. If that causes legal issues then giving the referral in the first place would probably have the same problem.

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