Skip A Meeting doesn't count towards PALMs report



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    Jeremy Walsh

    @Chris - when your chapter "skips" a week for whatever reason, please go in and be sure to submit that week's PALMS report as you normally would, except use the button at the bottom for "NO MEETING THIS WEEK" (or Holiday in some languages).  This will automatically scoop up all the slips from that week and push them to the next open meeting. 

    If you do this within your meeting week that should mean it goes to the following meeting, however if you are going back to mark a meeting as a holiday from a few (or many) weeks ago, it will go to the next OPEN report, which could mean this week if all other meetings in between are closed out.

    Hope this helps!

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  • Mr. Chris Walls


    Thank you for the response and that is a perfect answer/solution. 

    C. B. Walls

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