CEU Slip for BNI University



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    Jeremy Walsh

    @danielle - great suggestion!  The CEU slip definitely predates the BNI University and should evolve with our changing times  :- )   I will get this suggestion into the list for consideration and prioritization - thank you so much!

    PS: At some point BNI U will automatically update CEUs - that is on our list for the future as well - though I don't have a time frame for when that will happen.

    Hope this helps!

  • Mr. Gregory Tobin

    With chapter education being so critically important to chapter success, this should be on the fast track for completion. I've read many community comments on the CEU topic, and no offense Jeremy, but the typical response is that it is coming soon, and we don't know when. As an Education coordinator who is promoting CEU's regularly, it would help to have a process that is more consistent in reporting the activity and easier to understand, especially for beginners. Let's get moving.  Thank you.

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