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    Jeremy Walsh

    @herr - This is most definitely on our list of future enhancement possibilities to add more reporting to the mobile app and we will add your comments here to our notes and as a "vote" for this functionality.  Thank you so much :- )

  • Mr. Allan Lau Kim Wah

    Hi Sascha,

    In order to make the app light, BNI Connect Mobile app only stores 30 days of records. You can always visit BNI Connect web to retrieve all your history. That being said, developer is looking for ways to increase this limit.

    Hope this helps!

  • Herr Sascha Bachmann

    Thank you for the answer, but BNI Connect Web sucks so incredibly much, that is not an option. It's sad that clear budget restrains are leading to this lack of usability. 30 days really is not enough, it should at least be 90 days.

    Please consider it! Some referrals take a bit longer, especially external ones!

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