Giving members credit for cross chapter visitors



  • Mr Phil Hughes

    Totally agree with this one Dan, well suggested!

  • Ms. Nicola Tempest- Hall

    Agreed also, sometimes a seat is occupied in your own chapter but you can encourage a contact to join another. Just because someone is restricted for your chapter in term of position or day doesn't mean you shouldn't be recognised for encouraging visits to another chapter. 

  • Mrs Nicola Masterman

    Totally agree this should be in place and people should be recognised for visitors irrelevant of which chapter. Well suggested Dan.

  • Ms. Marsha Dolan

    Totally agree with this one, it would help boost other chapters too! 

  • Mr Steve Myers

    I for one, would love this, in the past 18 months I have sent 20+ visitors to other chapters.

  • Mr Brent Mitchell-Wright

    Agreed. It would make sense as we log referrals to other chapters and TYFTB, why not visitors

  • Mr Chris Ord

    Absolutely, brilliant wait to support regions as a whole and encourage more cross chapter growth 

  • Mr Christopher Weldon

    Agreed, if it helps grow other chapters, it helps grow BNI as a whole. Should be recognized. 

  • Mr Julian Lewis

    Totally agree that we should track and recognize the activity that some members out into growing the whole network bringing more referral opportunities to all. 

  • Ms. Millicent Warham

    Yes I agree too, its really demoralising to sign up a visitor to another branch and not get a credit/points.  In fact it is actually discouraging 


  • Mr Craig Moore

    Its a popular topic especially when we actively have larger chapters helping smaller ones.

    This would be a big help.


  • Mr Dan Cronin

    I totally agree with Dan. Recognising members that send visitors to other chapters is important. We should be encouraging such activity across all our chapters


  • Mr Brian Ridley

    Agreed. I introduced a visitor to George a while back who joined only because his profession was covered in Cookson. 

  • Miss Audra Oradauskaite

    100% agreed, it’s a great idea! It does help grow small chapters and does help grow BNI.

  • Miss Emma Harvey

    Absolutely. It’s a part of Givers Gain and helping other chapters to grow especially when the category is filled in your own chapter.

  • Mr Sean Goodman

    Absolutely. This will help build the overall BNI network which benefits everyone- great suggestion Dan

  • Mr Jason Smith

    Love to see this added as a contribution

  • Mr Carl Firmstone

    100%. This should be tracked and recognised at chapter level and on the member stats. Great suggestion Dan.

  • Mrs Cath Preston

    Totally agree Dan. Great way to recognise the members who help to build a stronger BNI network for all.

  • Mr Steve Rimmer

    Totally agree Dan, lots of our members are requesting that the get the credit they deserve.

  • David Williams

    I think this would be an excellent addition and would recognise those who want to help fellow buisness men and women and in doing so also promote BNI. Thank you Dan for requesting this.

  • Mr Greg Davies

    My region is geographically small but population dense, borders 6 others where chapters can be less than a mile away. This would be huge for all involved, members, DCs, EDs and NDs. It would really bring BNI together as a team across chapters and regions. Well done Dan

  • Laura Hurren

    100% agree. It would teach collaboration not competition everyone wins.

  • Mr Tim Nicolaou

    Bringing visitors is the biggest contribution members make. This enhancement would be great recognition and would encourage everyone to engage.
    All of us have connections outside of our geographic area, it really makes sense to leverage this by incentivising the activity...let's do it

  • Mrs Stephenie Altham

    Totally agree with this, it would really enhance BNI's recognition of contribution.

  • Mr Charlie Robertson

    Couldn't agree more, its all about recognition.

  • Mr Jonathan Hamilton

    Absolutely agree - recognition is fundamental to success of an organisation.

  • Mr William Haggerty

    Totally agree! Any type of positive contribution made should reflect back on the member.

    Will (BNI Masters)

  • Mr Tim Gale

    While at it we need to make it easy for members to register a guest at another chapter.

  • Mrs Penny Higgs

    Great idea Dan. A lot of our members request this. It will encourage them to think on a bigger scale with visitors.

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