Member Success Program Training Online



  • Jose Escamilla

    Hi Ms.TARA SHADOWEN, did you get the link for online MSP training? If so,  can you share it with me? Thank you!

  • Ms. Debbie Halker

    How do i take CEU classes? where do i go?

  • Susan Yocum

    I am mentoring a new member. I cannot find anything on the website to follow. No MSP guide, no copy of the passport program. What should I use?

  • Mr. Roy Liu

    I have the same problem

  • Mr. Joe Dorn

    I also cannot find the link to complete the program online. If someone finds it, please post it here. Thank you.

  • Ms. Meilani MacDonald

    they really need to make this easier to find!


  • Ms. Kaitlin Rohowetz

    Thanks so much. I've only been trying to find it for weeks


  • Mr. Jeff Gulitus

    What is the login information, the info for bni doesn’t work for schoox


    No link of MSP online program is found

  • Mr. Jeff Gulitus

    Ok so just went back and forth and have this figured out, you can download the BNI U app or go to Schoox online. The remember password access didn't work it should now. If not send request to their help staff they will send you an email to get in. There is not one MSP program module but a few smaller ones that are labeled Member success program. There are 4 courses available this is the whole program I believe at least what we have access to. I'm taking it again to know what the time commitment is. If you have any questions just ask, I had to go back and forth with Schoox to get the access corrected.  

  • Martha Schad

    So I found MSP in Schoox with 9 courses and an MSP v2 with 16 courses. Which is the correct one? I did the former but there wasn’t anything to confirm that MSP was completed. Am I supposed to do both MSP and MSP v2? How has BNI not clarified this?

  • Ms. Pauline Hall

    No is there training for mentord

  • Ms. Meilani MacDonald

    please add link for msp v2, looking looking looking....

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