Single sign-on with BNI Connect



  • Ms. Peg Shannon

    Yes BNI ..... very annoying ...

  • Mrs Patricia Stride

    This would make the site much more user friendly!  And definitely boost usage, as the curious 'button clickers' would become engaged without consciously committing to 'another program'.....  Let's do this!

    thanks for you consideration.

  • Cindy Mount

    It makes sense to connect all platforms and keep things simple. The Dashboard approach

  • Moji Ajele

    This will significantly improve member adoption of BNI University as well.


  • Dr DeleAjele

    I totally agree! The easier we make it for members the quicker they will embrace the platform.


  • M. Frédéric Caron

    Great idea! It would be much simpler for our members and probably simple to achieve for you.

  • Mr Greg Travnicek

    Yes. We have helped clients set this up within their Wordpress sites and it has helped for increased sales in their company stores as well. A simplified user experience amounts to increased satisfaction.  :)

  • Aarti Connell

    Totally agree - SSO would be so much simpler, and simple is easy - should increase participation/activity/satisfaction!


  • Balázs Horváth

    It is very confusing to out members, that they have to have 6! different logins.
    If BNI Connect had single sign on, the 3 "official" BNI systems and Country specific systems could be used with a single login.
    When exactly do you plan to expand the BNI Connect - BNI Connect Support Single Sign On to other systems?

    "official" BNI systems:
    - BNI Connect
    - BNI Connect Support
    - BNI Unversity
    - Reporting2you - 35-40% of the members are using it, since GDPR changes you need to register to access reports

    Country specific systems
    - DoBEdu - BNI Hungary's "BNI University" since 3 years
    - Scout - BNI Hungary's contact sharing platform
    - Regin - BNI Hungary's weekly meeting payment management platform

  • Mr Javier Nudler

    I Agree, no doubt BNI-U usage will increase. How long could take to be implemented?

  • Magda Modzelewski

    Please, Yes!!

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