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Push notifications on mobile app for referrals received




  • Official comment
    Mr. Stephen Schwartz

    This is on the road map to be delivered this year.  I can't commit to a date at this time, but it is a very high priority item for us.

  • Mr Gautam Rege

    Please also add number badges for new referrals, New ty slips just like you see for unread emails.

  • Mrs. Nancy Mills

    I agree with Tim's suggestion for a text alert rather an email.  'State of the art must have' to make this app rock!

  • Ms Jennifer Hazin

    I received three referrals today but I had no idea about them until I logged into the app. The people who sent me the  referrals used the app to send them. I didn’t get any emails or anything. Thank goodness I decided to log into the app. Do you know what the problem is here? Should I not have at least received emails about these???

  • Ms Jennifer Hazin

    I think getting text notifications would be great. But I don’t think they should replace email notifications. I think having both would be great. If I get a text I can just delete the email later. But if I’m working on my computer and not on my phone, email is awesome. So both are useful and necessary, in my opinion :-)

  • Ms. Jodi McClain

    I am getting three to four push notifications about every weekly meeting. Please get it to stop. Thank you


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