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Cross Region Referral




  • Official comment
    Jeremy Walsh

    @victoria @terri - stay tuned, this is coming a little later this year!  We are hoping by the end of 2017 we will be able to submit cross region activity between members within a country - for example any member in the US could exchange referrals.  Cross country is still up for future consideration though as it carries some complications with it, such as currency conversion.

    Hope this helps!

  • Terri O'Donnell, PCC, CPCC

    Send referrals across region would be great

  • Ms. Mary Loiselle

    Meanwhile, how do I pass a referral to someone out of region? Haven't done one before.


  • Mr. Allan Lau

    Simple. Call the member up, pass the referral contact. Inform the referral that the member will call.

    Remember to keep following up. When the deal is done, inform the member to submit TYFCB with "BNI" as the party to thank.

    Yes, you won't get the revenue given, but you are passing good business. In return, that member will remember and will pass you business in return when there is one.

    Same goes with cross countries.

    Hope this help.

  • Mr Clarence Zeng

    hopes this comes out soon.

  • Mr. Jim Murphy

    Did this ever get implemented?


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