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  • Official comment
    Jeremy Walsh

    Thank you so much!  This is one of our very popular requests and we have added your "vote" to our list.  Thanks a bunch and have an awesome week!

  • Mrs. Kelly Yost

    This would be very beneficial to encourage more members to use the app.

  • Ms. Nancy Palma

    Please let us know when the ability to print might be added to the app.  We really want to encourage our members to print their slips for presentation at the meeting.  Many of them do not want have to go into the full website just to print after they use the convenience of the app to record their referrals.

  • Jeremy Walsh

    @nancy - the ability to print was added in the early part of 2019.  You can see this on the top card of the app.  When activity is present, a print icon will appear that allows you to print out slips:



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