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Print slips from app




  • Official comment
    Jeremy Walsh

    @victoria - this is definitely "on the list" for consideration in a future release.  If you have a chance please review some of the previous suggestions and give it a "vote" or a comment to move it up in the rankings  :- )

  • Sandi Ballard

    I agree! Need a print button from appA

  • Daniel Brasch

    I agree 100%. We do so much from our phones these days and there is a push to use the app - having a print feature will certainly make it more user friendly and more likely people will chose to use it. 

  • Mrs. Mary Kay Kelm

    It would be very convenient to be able to print right after we enter the information on the app.  Please consider adding this.

  • Dr. D. Thomas Porter

    I would appreciate a print function as well.

  • Mr. Jarrod Aden

    This would be extremely helpful. The primary reason people won't use the app is that they can't print from the app.

  • Mr. Russ Casper

    Printing from the app is an absolute necessity that should be addressed sooner than later. People us there phones and tablets more than computer.

  • Mr Johnathan Joynson

    Still no sign and was told would be a future feature 10 months ago

  • Jeremy Walsh

    Jonathan - we are planning this for one of the next two releases of the app in the next few months.  


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