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Not planned



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    Jeremy Walsh

    @Sandra - at this time we are focusing our attention on MEMBER functionality for the app.  That said, LT functionality is definitely in consideration as a longer term vision.

    That said - I would love to get your opinion on this.  Let's say this were to happen, would it be better as a STANDALONE app or combined into the same app?  For example, if it was standalone, the apps might be smaller and faster and you can uninstall it after your LT term was over.  However, if it was a single app you would only have to log into a single program.


  • Jeremy Walsh


    In regards to your response:

    The leadership team materials could be accessed under resources as a separate login within the same app. Otherwise if you cannot do that then I would suffuses a separate app entirely for leadership/membership committee.


    Are you looking for the written materials or functions like entering PALMS reports and other statistical reporting?

    If it is for documentation - you can access that from the MORE>Resource Centre

  • Jeremy Walsh

    (From Sandra)

    Entering the palms for V.P. as well as emailing members letters would be better than having to mail them all the time. Simplifying the process for leadership especially the VP and membership team. Application processing through the app if set up properly could be keyed in and a email link sent for payment directly to the new member where they can pay online will eliminate the payment processing step when issues arise through the website. An example as VP I accidently started the application process before approving a member so now BNI headquarters has to help her with her payment. VP's are not properly trained for all processes of their jobs on BNI Connect. This is my 2nd time as VP and I'm just now getting the process of it. Learning by making mistakes is not how I like to work.


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