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Registering For BNI Connect (Email Invitation)



  • Mr. Puah Shyi Yeong

    Hi Good morning, 

    Hi my name is Puah a director counsultant

    Want to ask regarding a new member who 1st time register to BNI connect after receiving the email. After keying in the password and info, he stuck in the DASHBOARD., no matter how many time he log in. May I know what should I do?





  • Jeremy Walsh

    Puah - it is usually one of two possibilities.

    1) He isn't activated by the region yet.  Only after the region activates the full membership will they have complete access to the system.

    2) They are using a different email address than they applied with. Sometimes people visit with one email address but apply with a different one.  They need to be sure to use the email address associated with the membership application.

    If they are unsure please have them send an inquiry to support -

    Hope this helps!


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