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Online Slips Audit Report for Vice Presidents



  • Debbie Rosemont

    Is it possible for BNI to add to add the name of who the referral was on this report, just like it show up in the Personal Meeting Activity sheet? This would make the Referral Reality Check much easier for those chapters who have encouraged their members to enter slips online, but whose members do not print out their slips to turn in each week. 

  • Mr Steve Durr

    I would like this too, we're verging on paperless and this would be a very good addition and make life much easier


  • Mr. Luke Benton

    Yes, can we please add this?

  • Mr. Paul Van Houten

    It should be a no brainer. Otherwise these could be fake slips. Need to have the same accountability as a paper slips.

  • Jeremy Walsh

    Names have indeed been omitted from the report - and was done intentionally.  The reason for this is PRIVACY.  Because the slips audit report is available to many, many people - namely anyone with access to the View PALMS, having the client name in the system like that electronically would be a violation of privacy.   When this was done on paper, it had much more limited visibility of only the VP, but now that it is electronic, the scope is way to vast to allow that information to be that public.  

    HOWEVER - the PRINTOUT of the weekly activity report that members can use allows them to turn in a referral slip on paper that DOES have the name of the client on it.  This is optional and at their discretion.

    As for being able to use this for reality check - the vast majority of members are not passing tens of referrals each week.  They should be able to recall who the referral was.  And if it is within a month, they can whip out the app and easily look it up if they are stumped. 

  • Mr. Richard Paz

    I'm the VP and have access to the Slips Audit report.   We've seen some high numbers in TYFCB and would like to know how posted that information. There's nothing in the "FROM" column.   I understand some info is kept private, but I need to verify and make sure the info is accurate and not inflated.

  • Mrs Cath Preston

    Would it be possible to change the default exported .xls file name to show the date of the meeting instead of date exported? If downloading several in order to produce reports and analysis currently you have to manually change the file name.

  • איציק וילק

    Can we get the report from Date to Date ?


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