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BNI Slips Program Overview



  • Mr. Trey McAlister

    Hey guys,

    BNI HQ has updated the SLIPS program regarding Bankers so that the deposits are recorded as Closed Business as 10% (just like Lines of Credit).  This page above still has the old amount (the whole amount).  Thought you might want to update it here too.

    HOWEVER, this is an AWESOME tool in addition to the pdf on Documents!!

  • Ms. Shelana Laing

    Jeremy, do you have a new version of the online slips program hand out. I know it is some where and can't find. Thank you in advance for the direction.

  • Mr. Richard Stacey

    Still trying to figure out how to enter a referral. That should be the easiest thing to find on the website! 

  • Riyaz

    Hi Richard,

    The guidelines to enter a referral online is found here:

    We hope this helps.

  • Mrs. Wray Sargent

    Where can I find the printable download for the slips? specifically tyfcb.

  • Riyaz

    Hi Wray,

    The slips are available online on your landing screen.

    Downloadable format of any slip, including TYFCB is a controlled item at your Regional office level, as it is used for printing the said slips to supply to chapters.


  • Mr Andrew Deighton

    I added an on-line referral but I now need to delete it. How do I do that?

  • Ms. Elizabeth J. Moffett

    How do I enter thank yous for former members of the chapter?  We used to have this option, but now I only see members, visitors and "BNI"  Should we add up all former members and cross chapter thanks in that field?


  • Riyaz

    Andrew Deighton, you may edit or delete a slip as long as it is in Draft mode (the weekly meeting PALMS Report is not submitted by your VP) from your landing screen, Review My Referral Slips, then you will see this:

    You can either edit or delete accordingly.

    Elizabeth Moffett, yes you can lump all up in BNI (for business received from BNI Directors, substitutes, former members) and Visitors for business received from visitors.

    Hope this helps.

  • Mr Steve Sweeney

    Hey Folks,

    Is it possible to print out a TYFCB slip to pass around at the meeting?  Or, do we still fill out the old ones?



  • Riyaz

    Hi Steve,

    If you have already entered TYFCB online, then there is no need to fill in the paper slips, as it might cause a double entry of the same.

    As long as you have submitted it, it will be recorded accordingly.

    And remember you can always track this from your own login.

    We hope this helps.

  • Mr. Michael Chase

    There needs to be a navigation class so we can find out where to input online slips. I found it one time, made and entry and then after several days I could not find it again.

  • Mr. Charles Lindauer

    Re: Banking thank you... I may open an account with $100, and be thanked for $10 according to the guidelines. Next week I deposit $10,000... Is this taken into consideration in any way? The bank is certainly deriving income from the additional funds I deposit, and somehow it seems as this should be taken into consideration. 

    For example, say I opened an account with $250, many years ago. In the 1990's I did very well in the stock market, and in the course of 25 years put over 2 million dollars into that account, and had a fairly large balance for about 10 years. How is this considered?

  • Riyaz


    We have a YouTube channel -

    The specific recording for Online Slips:

    Hope this helps.

  • Mrs. Deanne MacDonald

    Where do I go to see where I am in the power of one? I am working to improve my score and want to see where I am.

  • Mrs Jeanette Griffiths

    Where do I find the points allocation for CATS & what does CATS mean?

    How do I order more Referral Slips?


  • Mrs Jeanette Griffiths

    Can you please explain what 'Fives' & 'Sixes' mean on the Member Commitment Report

  • Mrs. Nina Newton

    Where are the slips.  i went through every option

  • Mrs. Wray Sargent

    Ms. Elizabeth J. Moffett's question from Jun 6 had not been answered, and I wondered the same thing.

    How do I enter thank yous for former members of the chapter? We used to have this option, but now I only see members, visitors and "BNI" Should we add up all former members and cross chapter thanks in that field?

  • Jeremy Walsh


    Apologies - Thank You's for former members should be entered using the "BNI" option at the bottom of the drop down.


  • Jeremy Walsh

    Nina: The slips are all available on the very first page when you log into Here is a brief video showing the process:

  • Jeremy Walsh


    The CATS report is only used in a very few areas around the world.  That being said, here is some information about them:


    Who should use the BNI Member Commitment Report?

    This report is for everybody in the Chapter, but in particular the Leadership Team and the Membership Committee. Great Membership Committees are concerned about the level of activity of members and results they are getting. Best practice involves looking at this report to get a sense of who is doing great, and who needs mentoring and support. Everybody in the Chapter needs to contribute and it is the Chapter Leaders responsibility to make sure everyone get assistance and support when needed. In BNI we look after our own!

    What are the Fives, Sixes and CATS columns?

    These are measures of member commitment to Givers Gain® over a rolling 6 month period. We know that closed business is the goal, but how do we get there? We get there by members attending the weekly BNI event. We get there by doing great 121s with our fellow members. We get there by inviting Visitors and introducing them to BNI and to the members of our Chapter.

    How are the FIVES calculated?

    The Fives column in the BNI Member Commitment Report is calculated as follows: Attendance + Substitutes – Late – Absent + Visitors + Referrals GIVEN + 121s (Dances). The period covered is 6 months of activity. Generally speaking Chapters require members to achieve a FIVES score of 50+ over 6 months, but that’s up to Membership Committees to decide for themselves what is appropriate!

    How are the SIXES calculated?

    The Sixes add in to the Fives 1 point for every $1000 of closed business given by a member. Why did the members want that? Because it is important to take into account results when assessing a members commitment to Givens Gain®

    What do you mean by “the SIXES inform the FIVES”?

    It is great when someone demonstrates commitment by being active, but unless we take results into account when assessing someone’s performance we may miss the opportunity to help that person be active and great at the same time! Ideally someone REALLY active is doing so with great skill, and is getting result for the members! This is why we say the SIXES inform the FIVES.

    What CATS?

    BNI Chapters with members that want to be held accountable for their activity and commitment to Givers Gain® are those that make the most closed business, and CATS stands for Chapter Accountability Tracking System. CATS was developed by the members of BNI because they are really serious about getting result for their members.

    CATS is a more sophisticated measure of performance that gives different weightings to the activities that lead to closed business. This is how CATS is calculated:
    - Plus 1 for each 121/Dance.
    - Plus 1 for every Internal Referral.
    - Plus 1 for every 1 Thousand Dollars of Closed Business given credited to the member.
    - Plus 2 points for every External Referral.
    - Plus 2 points for every Visitor recorded against the members’ name on the PALMS.
    - Less 2 points for each Absence without a substitute.

    How should the BNI Member Commitment Report be used?

    Great practices include sharing the report each month at the weekly BNI event. This report is definitely useful when assessing Chapter Health and the performance of members in the Chapter, and is used extensively by Membership Committees for planning purposes. We recommend you also bring any matters of concern to the attention of your BNI Director so he/she has an opportunity to contribute!

  • Ms. Tami Francis

    Great I know how to do it but I can't find the landing page to do it on. Thanks for this nice page it is pretty but worthless.

  • Ms Catherine Muir

    I saw this some place before but can't find it.  If I refer an individual to a member, that is a referral.  Any business after that becomes a TYFCB.  Correct?  Would there ever be a second referral for the same two people?

  • Ms Solveig McCormick

    We have a member who is in the travel industry and actively uses Connect to pass and receive referrals. She is complaining that she cannot do this cross regionally and internationally online. Is this facility available yet?


    Solveig McCormick

    South Africa National Admin

  • Mrs. Connie Wehmeyer

    BNI Profit Makers, Hudson Valley, NY, USA

    Debbie Coladonato has tried several times to enter a large TYFCB (about $12,000) which I gave her. She tried on her cell. I tried doing it for her on her cell. And she has tried entering it on her computer at home.

    It does not show up in our PALMS, in my TYFCB, or anywhere that we can find.

    What steps do we need to take?

    Thank you so very much! Connie Wehmeyer (VP, Profit Makers)




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