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Referral Tracking Sheet



  • Balázs Horváth

    I can't see the text of the original referral. It's very hard to identify the original referral without that.

    I recommend you to display the original referral data at the top, and after show me the fields that I can change.

  • Mr. Dustin Buedel

    It would be very helpful to be able to see the description/info about the referral that is entered by the person that sent it.  I can see this in information for the ones that i have sent but not the ones that i have received.

  • Mr. Mukul Goyal

    Referrals given cannot be reviewed On mobile App causing me to enter the same referral twice because maturity of the referrals sometimes take weeks ......

  • Mr John Byrne

    On my screen in the UK i cannot see Track your referrals I have received. Also I have limited choice to update the status. Have things changed since the above help was first set up?

    John Byrne (Director Consultant)

  • Ms. Jodi Mecham

    Is there a way to change the status field so we can create our own status?  i.e. in progress, accepted.  I'm a bookkeeper and my clients may be a one-time question or project or ongoing monthly/quarterly services.  


  • Mrs Jolene Palmer

    Looks good!

  • Mr Albert Richter

    will be using this referral tool

  • Mr. Philip Leber

    is is possible to receive email notification when a BNI member logs a referral for me?  That would motivate significantly higher use of the referral system online.

  • Ms Neha Gupta

    Also share the view after entering all the stats in the sheet. how does it looks at both ends.


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