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  • Jolene Nauman

    I cannot get this inputted. It doesn't allow me to put in a date! HELP

  • Mrs. Kristine Pennington

    I am having the same problem inputting the date

  • Ms. Leslie Martin

    I can not put in the date.  Are they working on a fix to this?

  • Riyaz

    When the dates aren't saving correctly for the 1 to 1's, it is usually that a security setting in Internet Explorer is to blame.  Sometimes this is caused by an overly aggressive antispyware\antivirus program or a recent update on the computer.

    It is generally resolved by clicking a few buttons to reset the default settings in Internet Explorer.  Here is a quick video the Support team made to walk you through it:


  • Mrs. Alicia Zampitella

    One of our members had the same issue and it was as simple as closing Internet Explorer and opening it again using something like Foxfire. 

    On another note. The only one to ones that are tracked on my summary report are the ones I entered. I realize if a fellow member enters our 1-2-1 it shows up on the PALMS report and it is credited to my 1-2-1's. I should be able to look back on my summary and know who and when I had 1-2-1's with not only the ones I enter.

  • Riyaz


    Thanks for your tip!

    The online slips module is due for a revision sometime at the end of Q1 in 2014, so various enhancements will be seen by then.We look forward to these enhancements.

    Many thanks for bringing this to our attention from your field experience.

  • Mr. Dave LaRochelle

    I cannot enter any information period.  This system is not working on my computer.

  • Riyaz

    Hi Dave,

    Can you please raise a support ticket by emailing to: support@bniconnect.com so that we can assist you further?

  • Jill Miller

    Why are cross chapter 1-2-1's only allowed within the same region? I just had a 1-2-1 with a BNI member who is just two miles from me, but our chapters are in different regions. It seems crazy not to count it.

  • Riyaz

    Hi Jill,

    Thank you for your comment and excellent observation from you.

    It has been a journey and will continue to be a journey.

    The online slips came live 18-months ago and is continuingly being reviewed and further developed.

    In a coming release end April, we will have the ability to select a sponsor worldwide. This is big step forward.

    Taking little steps forward from there on, we will reach our destination in making worldwide membership selections in submitting slips a reality.

    Thank you once again for your observations, comments and feedback.

  • Mr. Doug Willford

    I don't understand what "Draft" means on my one-to-one report.  How do I change it to "Completed" since the one-to-one is complete?  Otherwise my stats are incorrect.

  • Larry Brand Sr

    Doug ...

    Good to hear from you!

    When online slips are submitted by members, they are automatically entered into the next PALMS report, which at that point is in DRAFT status. Your online slip is tallied immediately in 'Review My __ Slips' and will also show that its status is DRAFT.

    Once the PALMS Report for the week is prepared by the S/T of your chapter and is submitted, the PALMS Report status changes to COMPLETED and your online slip is also updated to COMPLETED.

    Hope that this helps explain the process ... if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Thanks ... and have a great day!


    Hi wonderful system with perfect flow if activity


    Hi wonderful system with perfect flow Of activity


    Hats off to team behind this...

  • Mr. Ed Hart

    Two questions about 1-2-1's:  1) Cross-Region 1-2-1's; and 2) Double entry of 1-2-1's. 

    Cross-Region 1-2-1's:  I visited a chapter this morning in another region.  I cannot find the names of the people I met with.  On Apr 2 above, Riyaz mentioned a new release, which will allow someone "to select a sponsor worldwide".  Is is possible yet to enter a cross-region 1-2-1? Is this functionality ever intended to be rolled into BNIC, since one purpose of BNIC is to allow worldwide networking?

    Double entry:  Your instructions above are pretty clear that only ONE member needs to enter the slip for a 1-2-1.  There's a lot of bad "gouge" out in the chapters about this.  At the meeting this morning even the director said that both parties to a 1-2-1 should enter a slip on BNIC.  I'm just looking for confirmation from the source (you!) that only one member need enter a slip for a given meeting.




    Ed Hart

    BNI NW-Florida


  • Riyaz


    Yes, if a chapter is outside of the region - then currently online slips entry is not available yet.

    This is something to look forward to, though I am unable to provide a timeline. Currently there are a few different priorities the development team are working on such as the online renewals, and the migration of a few more countries into the system to make it complete.

    As far as 1-2-1 entries - when one person from the pair enters the slip, the system will give credit to both as this is how it is specified.

    When the other 1-2-1 pair also submits a slip for a 1-2-1 on the same date, the system will prompt that there is an existing record of it, however will not stop you from submitting, only now that it will add credit, previously was 1, now it will show as 2 episodes of 1-2-1s between the same pair.

    Perhaps during a 1-2-1, either one can agree to enter the slip, to save the other some time?

    As an end-user, what would your thoughts be on how this should be? Either one to enter to credit both, or enter individually? Some field input might be helpful.

  • Mr. Ed Hart


    Sorry for the delay.  I think that the Use Case of a duplicate 1-2-1 should be disallowed by Business Rule in the system.  Duplicate is defined as same two people on the same calendar day.  I fedback the rules above (only need one entry) to a senior-enough member.  She said, "..but we still tell our people to both put it in.  Just in case."


    • "Just in case"  becomes 'bad data'
    • Changing established habits through training is nigh impossible
    • The exceptional case (a valid, second 1-2-1 on a specific date) is a statistical outlier (20-sigma ??  ha!)
    • The "sunny day" Use Case is a guaranteed duplicate in JustInCaseLand


    My $0.02.



  • Riyaz

    Hi Ed,

    Thank you for your valuable comments - I do see your point that changing established habits through training can be quite a task.

    So currently when a duplicate entry is made, the system will prompt, and give the opportunity to avert - which is the workaround.

    My colleagues from the Support Team are in this forum as well, and I will seek their thoughts, too if this needs a review from a business rule perspective.

    But remember, unlike turning a car, we could be turning a ship here and this could take time, even if the ship decides to turn.

    In the meantime, stay tuned, and once again thank you for keeping this forum going with constructive ideas.

  • Marie Kelly

    Will a future release of BNIConnect address the issue of GROUP One-to-One meetings -- so that multiple members can be selected in the "Met With" pull-down?  Thank you!

  • Jim Rosemary

    I second the motion to have "Power Team" and/or  "Other Group" as an option for One-to-Ones!

  • Jeremy Walsh


    The online 1 to 1 slips were designed in a way to record a meeting between two individual members, which is in accordance with the BNI definition of a "One to One" meeting. As this was the agreed upon by the Project Board and participating National Directors, the ability to enter a "group" or "power team" meeting was not incorporated into the system. Therefore, although some regions do participate and encourage these meetings and offer PALMS credit for this activity, the recording of them would have to be done outside of the online slips. If at some point in the future the definition changes and\or this is recognized as a universal means of tracking a group meeting, this functionality will be considered for inclusion in BNI Connect.

    In the meantime, there would only be 2 ways I could suggest recording this information in BNI Connect.

    1) Have pairs of people submit a single 1 to 1 slip to give them credit.

    2) Submit a paper slip for the entire group and the VP will have to manually enter that credit into the PALMS report.

    Hope this helps!

  • Lisa Safran

    I am not seeing the solution to this question and need help with it please: When I enter a one to one for a member and myself- while it shows up on the PALMS report, it does not show up on the other member's printed report for the week. Has this been fixed yet or is there a plan in place to do so? Members are challenged by not seeing the names and while it is very clearly showing up as the "number" of 1-2-1s, because the name is not showing up there is some confusion. Please advise. Thanks so much.

  • Mr Mike Snetsinger

    I have two Draft BBI's or 1-2-1's that I have been completed but they don't show completed on the BNI connect. I have tried to edit them but they dont seem to want  edit either. How do I fix this so they show completed?

  • Jeremy Walsh


    When slips are entered, they are put into the PALMS report queue for the next upcoming meeting. Once your chapter VP has completed and submitted the weekly PALMS report entry (to mark attendance and enter additional data, such as paper slips), the slips status will be changed to "completed". This usually happens within a week of the chapter meeting. If there are additional slips from previous weeks still appearing as DRAFT, please speak with your VP, Director Consultant, or Regional Office to discuss getting those past reports submitted properly.

    Note: in the case of a cross chapter referral, 121 or TYFCB, this is also dependent on the other chapter completing their weekly PALMS report.

    Hope this helps!

  • Mr. Rob Hanner

    I had a one-to-one with a member from another region.  Can I enter that?


  • Jeremy Walsh

    At this time, cross chapter referrals, 1 to 1's and TYFCB are limited to only those regions within a single "business unit". In some cases that will be a single region, in others it may be multiple regions with the same Executive Director.

    The reason "why" it is done this way is that there is still some inconsistency globally in the processing of online slips. Currently, there are still a few countries that will only begin using the online slips later this year. In addition, the ability to pass cross chapter is still a regional option. At some point after the whole world is both using the online slips AND allowing cross chapter activity we will be able to pass a referral globally. Although I do not have a time frame for when this will happen, we are all very much looking forward to this future enhancement!

    Hope this helps!

  • Tom McCain

    Jeremy, I've looked and can't find a way to eliminate a double entry on the 1/1. Is there a method I'm missing? I can't believe the other person did that and accepted it. (Of course!)


  • Cyd Dawson-Smith

    Jeremy, so this applies even to members who live in the same country? I am trying to enter a one-to-one. I live in NC, this other member is in VA. 

  • Jeremy Walsh

    CYD - yes, unfortunately - it is limited to a single "region" of BNI (all members under the same Executive Director).  This is hopefully a restriction that will be lifted in the future!


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