Entering CEU Slips Online (Chapter Educational Units)




  • A Syeeduddin


  • A Syeeduddin


  • Ben Murphy


  • Ms. Veronica Nieves

    What about mentoring? Is it a golden slip? If so, under which category and how many CEU's?

  • Jeremy Walsh


    Mentoring is not currently recorded with a slip, though some areas will count it as a 1 to 1.

    Hope this helps!

  • Ms Swapna Pujari

    Thank you

    Swapna Pujari

    Goatimeline (Advertising agency ) India

  • Giovanna Cracchiolo

    What is an example of an Advanced BNI Training Module? Is a workshop or coursework through The Referral Institute considered Other BNI endorsed training? 

  • Mrs. Anseri Nel

    Afternoon Jeremy. After the system upgrade, there is no option to enter your MSP OR LEADERSHIP units using the website. However it is still showing on the app, but one of our members are not using the app, so she cant log her MSP. Please advise how it she must log it, under which setion, as per below. Thank you, regards.

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