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  • Erin Dabrowski

    Is the only way a member can view an online referral received through email?  It would be nice to also see the comments on the referral through BNI connect.


  • Erin Dabrowski

    Jeremy, I had found both of those ways to track the referral, but is there a way to read the comments on the referral online?


    Thanks again,


  • Ms Chatchom Sucharitsopit

    I am in Thailand and used your system. It is marvelous. I love it but would like to add a few comments. The entered date should be self entered, shouldn't it? Last week I sent the hard copy slip to members and entered information to the system later. The date was not matched with the hard copy slip. The referral status is also a problem since it is a "must" field. How to complete this field with inside referral since it is to oneself. Last but not least, my inputs have not been updated by the system and shown draft all the time. Hope you find my comment useful.

    Anyhow, thank you for developing this system, I love it indeed.

  • Mr Shaffi Mithwani

    Hi Jeremy, I don't seem to have the 'My Business BNI' tab to enable me proceed on jotting online referrals. Kindly assist

  • Mr. Mark Bearth

    I am in IL, (BNI Mid America), with family and friends in MN.  How do I give a referral to a florist in MN or say and insurance agent?

  • Jeremy Walsh


    Great to hear from you - hope all is well!  While the online slips are currently being used in some countries, there are still others that will be turning this on at some point throughout the rest of this year to accommodate training and migration schedules.  Please check with your Executive or National Director to find out when this will be available in Nairobi  :- )  We very much look forward to when we can pass referrals worldwide!

  • Jeremy Walsh

    At this time, cross chapter referrals are limited to only those regions within a single "business unit". In some cases that will be a single region, in others it may be multiple regions with the same Executive Director.

    The reason "why" it is done this way is that there is still some inconsistency globally in the processing of online slips. Currently, there are still a few countries that will only begin using the online slips later this year. In addition, the ability to pass cross chapter is still a regional option. At some point after the whole world is both using the online slips AND allowing cross chapter activity we will be able to pass a referral globally. Although I do not have a time frame for when this will happen, we are all very much looking forward to this future enhancement!

    That being said, you can still use BNI Connect to FIND and CONTACT a person in another state or region in order to establish the relationship and pass the referral, even if it can't be "turned in" using BNI Connect.  Here is a guide for how to do that:


    Hope this helps!

  • Jodi Stammer

    So is it correct that I can only do cross-referrals within my region in BNI Connect "Global"?!

  • Jeremy Walsh


    When the VP or Visitor Host enters the visitors into BNI Connect using this process:


    The credit is then automatically added on the PALMS report and you will have a 1 in your "V" column.  Some chapters would use a referral slip to track this using the paper process, but now that this is done through the visitor entry, the additional form is not necessary.

    Hope this helps!

  • Jeremy Walsh

    Jodi - currently, the cross chapter activity (referrals, 1 to 1's and TYFCB) can only be passed to members within your home region.  The reason for this is that there are currently some countries and regions that are still migrating into this new online reporting system.  Once *everyone* is on the new system, we hope to be able to open up this activity worldwide.  We all look forward to the day when we can pass a referral to ANY active BNI member  :- )

  • Mrs. Debbie Mormino

    When you have a guest, how do you add it to the referral page?  There is no spot for guest...

  • Mr Michael Waters

    I have entered a referral down wrong and there is no way I can go back and edit it or delete it am I missing somthing?

  • Mr. Warren Wolf

    What's difference between tier 1 vs tier 2?

  • Mr. Jody Rosen

    this doesn't address if you receive a referral from a visitor and how to record that.  also you have on item #1 where you would be saying thank you for a referral you are saying thank you for closed business....appears to be an error in cutting and pasting

  • Mr Victor Lau

    Can we submit the referral slip (inside referral) before done deal of transactions?

  • Jeremy Walsh

    Michael - Currently, once a slip is entered, it is "permanent" - there is no way to directly edit this entry.  If you have made an error, similar to the process with paper slips, please notify the Vice President\Membership Coordinator of your chapter who will be able to correct this error in the PALMS report.

    The programming team is currently evaluating the possibility of an editable slip and we look forward to a potential enhancement for a future release!

  • Jeremy Walsh


    While it is great that we occasionally receive (and give) referrals to visitors, the PALMS report was meant to track these types of transactions between chapter members.  As the visitors are not yet members of the chapter, this activity, while beneficial to our businesses, is not recorded as an official statistic.

  • Mrs. Stacy Klone

    Teach us how to delete a referral when you have enter two by mistake.

  • Mr Naveed Mehdi

    HI, want to enter 2 cross chapter referrals both  v v hot!

    But not able to as 'select cross chapter' button seems to be absent! Urgent!

  • Mr. François Garon

    Members often find themselves not knowing the company name. Can that field be removed from mandatory?

  • Andrew Uplinger

    Would it be possible to make either the phone number or email address required on the e-form?  Some people only want me to give out their email address as their initial contact point.

  • Jeremy Walsh


    Great to hear from you - hope all is well!

    The ability to submit cross chapter slips is dictated by each region and\or country.  At this time, it appears that your region India>Bangalore North East has this feature disallowed at this time.  Please contact your regional Executive Director who will be able to answer when and if this functionality will become available in your area.

    Hope this helps!

  • Miss Anna Edwards

    I'm having trouble printing the entered referrals for my meeting tomorrow so I can participate in the drawing


  • Cheri Danielson

    Hi Jeremy...is there any way I can set up referrals to cc me as well as the other member?

  • Ms. Andrea Schulz

    Me too, I have entered my slips and cannot print. Where is the option located?

  • Mr. Gene Braunstein

    My suggestion: individual videos for each aspect of using the BNI app. Example: a video on how to record a referral you gave to someone. Another separate video on how to record a referral you received, plus links to all the sections.

  • Mr P.L.K. Murthy

    Dear CVDM Somayajulu,

    BNI is a wonderful organisation. one can showcase their entire business to the fellow BNI members. It gives a lot of training, It creating leadership skills, presentation skills and mainly interaction with so many business persons at one place.

  • Mr. Michael Murnane

    I absolutely do no t appreciate the extra time this caused me this morning to subimit a simple referral slip. 

    Because of this tutorial - Not being able to skip it until later when I have time to watcht it ) I am now in trouble with my Sales Manager for being off task on other matters important to him) .......  Mike Murnane BNI Main Line II

  • Trần Minh Tâm

    Hello Jeremy,

    Can we give referrals cross-region now? If yes, please show me how! I'm in Vietnam!


  • Jeremy Walsh

    An edit\delete function for correcting erroneous entries is being discussed\designed now and we hope to see it in an upcoming release later this year!

    As for printing the referral slips for the upcoming meeting, that is done through the Personal Meeting Activity Report:   http://support.bniconnect.com/entries/22095316-Your-Personal-Meeting-Activity-Report

    Hope this helps!

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