Entering Referral Slips Online




  • Mr. Fred Posner

    Why is phone number a required field if "given your card" is the selected choice?

  • Christi Richards

    Great tutorial.  My suggestion is to add at the end how to print off the entered slips so members can take them to their meetings for their drawings.  Members are struggling with the printing slips process.

  • Jeremy Walsh

    Fred - it was decided by the User Group and Business Analysts that the phone number be mandatory as a good business practice.  I think your point about the "Given Card" is valid and perhaps that can be taken into consideration - I will pass that along!

    Christi - we have a tutorial for that as well, but great idea to put that into this lesson in the end.  I will include that in the next version of the document!  Thank you!

  • Erin Dabrowski

    Is the only way a member can view an online referral received through email?  It would be nice to also see the comments on the referral through BNI connect.


  • Jeremy Walsh

    You can also review the received referrals through the REFERRAL TRACKING SHEET and REPORT.  Here is a link to that guide:



    Hope this helps!

  • Erin Dabrowski

    Jeremy, I had found both of those ways to track the referral, but is there a way to read the comments on the referral online?


    Thanks again,


  • Jeremy Walsh

    Ah - I see what you mean - it appears that the comments are not brought over to either of those forms!  I will bring this forward to the designers  :- )  Thank you for bringing that to our attention!

  • Mr Shaffi Mithwani

    Hi Jeremy, I don't seem to have the 'My Business BNI' tab to enable me proceed on jotting online referrals. Kindly assist

  • Jeremy Walsh


    Great to hear from you - hope all is well!  While the online slips are currently being used in some countries, there are still others that will be turning this on at some point throughout the rest of this year to accommodate training and migration schedules.  Please check with your Executive or National Director to find out when this will be available in Nairobi  :- )  We very much look forward to when we can pass referrals worldwide!

  • Jodi Stammer

    So is it correct that I can only do cross-referrals within my region in BNI Connect "Global"?!

  • Mr Michael Waters

    I have entered a referral down wrong and there is no way I can go back and edit it or delete it am I missing somthing?

  • Jeremy Walsh

    Jodi - currently, the cross chapter activity (referrals, 1 to 1's and TYFCB) can only be passed to members within your home region.  The reason for this is that there are currently some countries and regions that are still migrating into this new online reporting system.  Once *everyone* is on the new system, we hope to be able to open up this activity worldwide.  We all look forward to the day when we can pass a referral to ANY active BNI member  :- )

  • Jeremy Walsh

    Michael - Currently, once a slip is entered, it is "permanent" - there is no way to directly edit this entry.  If you have made an error, similar to the process with paper slips, please notify the Vice President\Membership Coordinator of your chapter who will be able to correct this error in the PALMS report.

    The programming team is currently evaluating the possibility of an editable slip and we look forward to a potential enhancement for a future release!

  • Mrs. Stacy Klone

    Teach us how to delete a referral when you have enter two by mistake.

  • Andrew Uplinger

    Would it be possible to make either the phone number or email address required on the e-form?  Some people only want me to give out their email address as their initial contact point.

  • Miss Anna Edwards

    I'm having trouble printing the entered referrals for my meeting tomorrow so I can participate in the drawing


  • Ms. Andrea Schulz

    Me too, I have entered my slips and cannot print. Where is the option located?

  • Jeremy Walsh

    An edit\delete function for correcting erroneous entries is being discussed\designed now and we hope to see it in an upcoming release later this year!

    As for printing the referral slips for the upcoming meeting, that is done through the Personal Meeting Activity Report:   http://support.bniconnect.com/entries/22095316-Your-Personal-Meeting-Activity-Report

    Hope this helps!

  • Mr Richard Smith

    Hi. I've tried to create a cross chapter referral, from my iPad, whilst away.

    There is an error, as its not possible to select the contacts radio button, when on an iPad 3 or 4" as the radio button is off the screen to the left.

  • Phillip McDonough

    hEY sUPPORT GURU(S)!  Why no way to delete a referral?  Entered one, went to view report in order to print for upcoming meeting & nothing there.  Went back & re-entered, re-checked report & voila, BOTH there.  Hell if I can find a way to cancel/delete the duplicate!

  • Mr. Robert Thibodeau

    Why am I getting an "Enter a valid phone number" message??????   I've tried spaces, hyphens, commas, no spaces, etc but it won't accept this phone number.

  • Jeremy Walsh

    Robert - usually it is the trailing space that causes the issue.  A format of :





    Should all work (at least they just did in my testing).  Most importantly, be sure there isn't a space at the END of the phone number as that will always cause the invalid message.

  • Mr. Robert Thibodeau

    Jeremy, THANKS for the PROMPT reply.  You hit the nail on the head, a trailing space.  Perhaps add that to the error message?

    Thanks again,

    Bob T.

  • Ms. Elizabeth Gray

    Does anyone know how to edit or delete a referral?

  • Jeremy Walsh

    Currently, once the slip is submitted it is "permanent" from a slip correction perspective. HOWEVER, the VP still has complete control over the statistical side of the reporting and can make numerical corrections in the PALMS report directly. Please contact the VP of your chapter to have the information corrected in the reporting.

    In the next release of BNI Connect (due in late November\early December) we will be implementing an enhancement that will allow for the direct editing of slips up until the point when the PALMS is submitted so you will be able to catch those "oops" moments (we have all had them). We are all very excited for this upcoming release!

    Hope this helps - if you have any other questions, just let me know - happy to help in any way I can!

  • Kevin Snow

    Jeremy -  thought there was an option to print the slip off so we can take it to our chapter for the door prize, but I don't see an option for that.  Am I just blind?

  • Jeremy Walsh

    Kevin - we have a report for that!


    Hope this helps!

  • Kevin Snow

    Never Mind found it!!!


  • Mrs. Linda Vorves Pastor

    I have tried MULTIPLE times to do a cross chapter referral for another Michigan business owner, but have not been able to get her name to come up in the system. She is one of the officers of her chapter so I know she is in the system.


  • Mrs. Karen Thaemert

    How can we give a referral outside of our region?  One of our members has traveled from Missouri to Arizona.  Searching Cross Chapters does not show the member's name. Searching from the home page we can find the other member and view his profile so we know he is in the system.  Is there a way to enter a generic referral if we cannot get his name to come up?  The work is already being done so the referral is a hot one!  :)

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