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The BNI Connect Landing Page (Home Screen)



  • Wylene Benson

    How do I get back to the main landing page from other areas of the site?


  • Jeremy Walsh

    @Wylene - you should be able to click the HOME button, the one that looks like a house.  It is in the upper left hand corner just below the world map in the header.

  • Mr. Raymond Robinson

    How do we order chapter supplies? The BNI Directors Store is no longer coming up.

  • Ms. Erika Copenhaver

    I am trying to figure out how to order supplies ... It is very difficult to navigate.


  • Mrs. Lisa Havniear

    Where do you go to order chapter supplies?????? Not finding any link nor is the search of any help as well.

  • John Lamb

    Is there a button or link that gives me an identifiable CEU ?  I find some but don't enter a CEU unless it is labeled.

  • Mrs Hemali Shah

    I do I accept the invitation on Bni connect when I see the message from member of another country


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