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Entering "Thank You For Closed Business" Slips Online



  • Ms. Connie Rhind Robey

    I see a post from 19 months ago about giving referrals and TYFCB across chapters. Has that ability been set yet? We are about 5 miles apart but in different regions (DC and MD). I'd love to give this person credit for his referrals to me. There's no one in his chapter who does what we do and we actually do know each other through BNI. 

    Appreciate any update.



  • Jan Allison

    I am attempting to enter TYFCB cross chapter.  I disabled the "Are you sure" button assuming if I did, it would automatically take me to the next screen. Now that I disabled it won't let me choose anyone cross chapter to thank anymore.

    How do I fix?

    Thanks in advance!


  • Ms. Cynthia MacDonald

    how do i get out of the tutorials and into writing upTYFCB slips, referrals etc

  • Mr Ian Griffiths

    As you rightly say, thanking members for closed business is a very important part of the referral process. They're more likely to refer again if they feel appreciated. For members in my own chapter I like to do this in the meeting by standing up, passing a TYFTB card and letting everybody, visitors included, hear about the success. However, for cross-chapter referrals I find it easiest to enter the Thank You online.

    My question is this: when I enter a Thank You online, does the referrer automatically receive a notification – email or otherwise – that they have been thanked for closed business? Or, is it reliant on the recipient logging in to BNIConnect and proactively looking to see if they've been credited? For external repeat work or spin-off work they won't necessarily know to expect a Thank You. In either case, do they get to see any comments I've left?

    I ask this because currently I'm tending to send a separate email informing referrers that I've 'officially' thanked them. This provides a good contact opportunity and I certainly don't begrudge doing it, but it would ease the process if the comments left online were automatically forwarded, so as not to duplicate the effort.

    It's one thing thanking someone on BNIConnect for invoiced work, but if they don't actually know they've been thanked the potential for strengthening the relationship will be lost.


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