Overview of the Visitor Process




  • Robert Gambone Sr

    This is HUGE! We used this in training over 120 VH this year at BNI Western PA Leadership Team Training....THANK YOU!

  • Jeremy Walsh

    Robert - Thank you so much for the compliment!  I am glad it was helpful!

  • Mr Peter Sylvester

    Jeremy - just for clarification.
    Can members access the "Manage Visitors" link and confirm that their visitor attended..?
    I appreciate that the VP will confirm or deny, but who is placed to trigger the attendance once the visitor is pre-registered..?

  • Mr. Justin Lloyd


    One of my chapter's members brought a visitor last week.  The visitor was not preregistered.  We would like to enter the visitor for the week they visited.  Is there a way to do that?




  • Jeremy Walsh


    When you use the regular "ADD VISITOR" process (it may need to be done by your visitor host), they will choose the past date that they visited and it will go into the correct PALMS report.  Here is a guide for that process.


  • Mr. Gary Van Hoof


    My pre-chapter had 14 visitored registered on BNI for yesterday.  Due to weather conditions, the meeting got cancelled. How can I change the dates so the visitors get reregistered for next week?

    Gary Van Hoof

    BNI WI/UP Michigan/Western NY

  • Jeremy Walsh

    Great to hear from you, hope all is well!

    You can always update the date of visit using the manage prospective visitors function. Changing the date will also re-send a confirmation and reminders for the potential visitors. Here is a guide to that function:


  • Mrs. Rachel Markarian


    When you pre register a visitor for a meeting, does your name (as the member) get attached to that "invited by" part? I notice that the Pre-Registration form on BNI Connect does not have the "Invited by" box to fill in...but on the bniri website, when a visitor finds a chapter and registers, they can fill in the "Invited by" box....


    We have a huge visitor day coming up and I have a lot of visitors I would like to pre-register under my name ahead of time...thanks!

  • Mrs. Rachel Markarian

    Also...when you pre-register a visitor, is it possible to see what the potential guest receives by email? or to test it on yourself?  I always like to see what I am sending to another person:)

  • Mrs Kathleen Walmsley

    Who is able to enter a visitor that is not pre-registered?

  • Jeremy Walsh

    @Kathleen - although this varies slightly by region, all members are able to pre-register members through the member portal.  In addition, anyone with internet access can enter them through the regional website or chapter page!

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