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Region Operations - Dropping a Membership



  • Ms. Jill Holcombe

    walked thru this screen with the Sec/Tres of the chapter and it went well    thank you........

  • Mrs Jennifer Holmes

    How do we freeze membership for our members? I have looked for docs, and can't seem to find it.

  • Mr. Curtis Belgrave

    This process is very simple, I like the smooth flow and the flexibility that the member has with out loosing all when circumstance has changed.

    Thank you very much.

    Curtis k Belgrave,ND.

  • Mr. Jonathan Cameron, CFP®

    The "drop" button doesn't appear - only the "renew" button. What is the new procedure to drop a member?

  • Dr. George Harder

    Same problem as above, the "renew" button is present but the "Drop" button is not there.


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