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Chapter Operations - Renewing a Membership



  • Mr. Kevin Seifert

    I found this useful to know but do not see it being used in our region yet. Is there an automated, paperless application process in BNIConnect?

    I tried it for my chapter as secretary/treasurer, but it did not give me the search feature in the Manage Members Search Screen, just the reset button was showing.

  • Jeremy Walsh


    This process is currently available, however it is optional as to whether the region does this at a chapter level or continues to process applications at the regional office.

    There is a fully online application process that is "in the works" although we do not have a definite time frame for when that will be released, though we are all very much looking forward to it!

    Hope this helps!

  • Mr. Terry Miller

    Jeremy,     How do we change the status of a member from dropped back to active.  The member initially decided to leave the group, but reconsidered and we would like to change her status to active.

  • Larry Brand Sr

    Terry ...

    The only way to reactivate a dropped membership is to process a new application for that member.  When initiating the new application, the system in step #1 will search for previous memberships worldwide and will find the dropped membership.  You should use that record to convert them to a member.

    The advantages of doing that are two-fold:  not only do you assure that their previous membership history will be carried forward to their new record, but it will also save you some administrative effort in typing the new application <smile>

    Hope that this helps ... let us know if you have any further questions ... always happy to assist!


  • Permanently deleted user

    Jeremy,  I was able to renew a few people, but how do I take them out of pending and make them active?

  • Jeremy Walsh

    Karen,  This is done through the regional level operation of "Reconciling" the application, in other words marking it that payment has been received.  Here is the help article for that particular activity:

  • Mr Roland Dancy

    I am looking for the form letter to complete to Decline a renewing member application

  • Riyaz


    When declining a membership, your BNI Regional Director's office or your Chapter Director Consultant can be involved to provide the template needed.

    At times, this could be customised, and that your Regional Office should be the involved to guide you through the process as specified in the Leadership Team manual.

    We hope this helps.

  • Julie K. Dawson

    I do not have the manage member option, only view pending applications. Our chapter chartered in May and there are numerous memberships due May 1st. Several would like to pay now. When will I get the option as VP to approve members for renewal?


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