Chapter Operations - Viewing and Reassigning a Mentor\Mentee Pair




  • Mrs Kansinee Sombatwongkrai

    I've been recently assigned to Mentor Coordinator position.  After click on the "Operation," no "Mentoring Program" can be found in the menu.  Any possible problem to be solved prior to assign Mentor/Mentee Pair?

  • Mr. Jeff Meinbresse

    looking for mentor program completion certificate - thx

  • Jeremy Walsh


    Great to hear from you, hope all is well!  Certificates and other recognition is done on a local level - currently, there isn't anything in BNI Connect that signifies this completion (though I think that is a great idea).  The best bet is to check in with your Chapter Director Consultant to find out more about how that is done in your region.

    Hope this helps!

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