Chapter Operations - Unlocking a PALMS Report




  • Nirupam S Patel

    Nice and simple ot follow- thanks! Best bit is we can set access for chapters to update /unlock the PALMs themselves.

    : -)

  • Lisa Safran

    This no longer seems to work as of 10/29/14. How do you do it now?


  • Jeremy Walsh


    I had a quick look at the permissions in your region and the "unlock PALMS" has been set to Deny for the role of President in your area.  These permissions are maintained on a regional\local level, so the best person to talk to would be your Area Director or Executive Director to find additional details.

    Hope this helps!

  • Ms. Shelana Laing

    Having issues with this right now, is there a possible glitch??


    Is there a newer version of this? in 2017 this is no longer an option....

  • Jeremy Walsh

    Heather - the ability to unlock PALMS is a permission that is either allowed or disallowed by each regional office.  If it is not currently available to you, please contact your Executive Director and they will be able to explain the reason it is disabled or enable the permissions.

    Hope this helps!

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