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  • Mr. Sree Kaluva

    I found a great opportunity to improvement on this screen. I am finding numerous opportunities for improving this website, thus making it more user friendly. That way we can improve the uselfulness of this website. I am not talking about adding new features. I am focusing mainly on improving the usability of the website.

    Why can't the website select the chapter name that I am already associated with in order to show the "Search Members" & "Enter New Member" buttons. You wouldn't believe I wasted at least 15 minutes to figure out what is wrong with the screen and why can't I search a member?

     Interestingly, when I clicked on the comments button on this help screen, it was able to pickup my name automatically. This tells me that the software is intelligent enough to grap the parameters needed. 

  • Jeremy Walsh


    You will be pleased to know that this is being addressed in the very next release, due in March 2013.  When you enter this function, your chapter will be automatically selected for you!

    One thing to note is that the support desk (the forums, support tickets, etc) is a third party solution outside of BNI Connect.  Although we do share a common login (hence it picked up your name), they are completely separate platforms.

    Hope this helps!

  • Mr Narayanaswamy Sridhar

    Hi... I am struggling to give request to other members.... can anybody sort this out Plz.

  • Jeremy Walsh

    What kind of requests are you struggling to give?  I would be happy to assist!

  • Mr. Larry Heiser

    I'm the Attendance Chair for my BNI group.  I'm attempting to send my first letter to a Member who has had his 2nd absence.  It would be helpful if I could enclose a copy of the BNI General Policies in my letter however I do not have any copies and I cannot find a PDF on this site.  In this situation I will delay the mailing until I can obtain one.  It would be helpful if you placed the BNI General Policies in here.


  • Ms. Shari Strauss

    Where can I find a Membership Application to print ? 

  • Jeremy Walsh


    Great to hear from you, hope all is well!

    Membership applications are only available at this time from your regional office.  You will need to contact your Director Consultant or Executive Director and they can supply you with these forms.  Here is the contact information for your region:

    Hope this helps!


  • Mrs. Tammy Nehls

    What is the Address that the renewal applications need to be sent to?



  • Mr. Dave Smith

    Where do I send the actual payment to, to finish up this process.

  • Jeremy Walsh


    The actual payment and paper trail is handled individually at your regional level.  The best people to ask about that particular process would be your Director Consultant or Regional Office.  Here are the contact details for your region:

  • Mrs. Jean Berhorst

    My membership is paid for by my company - I am moving, another employee will be taking my spot. Is there anything he needs to do?


    Jean L Berhorst


  • Jon Roman

    how do I reactivate a dropped member?

  • Mr. Dave Smith

    how do i transfer my membership

  • Linda Putnam

    Hi Jeremy,

    Thank you for showing me how to open in a new tab. I have heard about it, but didn't realize how to make it happen. This is something I will share with the Director Consultants so they can find multiple records.

    Linda Putnam - BNIAlabama Support

  • Mr Bob Jet


    I need to send the letters to those members who missed meeting dates, were absent.  Where can I find the forms (Absent 1, 2, 3, etc)?



  • Jeremy Walsh

    Bob - these will be in under CONTENT.

    If they are not there, please contact your Chapter Director Consultant or Executive Director  :- )

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