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Chapter Operations - Viewing PALMS



  • Ms. Carolyn Marks

    The issue some of our members are reporting is that we have zeros for things like TFCB, Visitors and other things that we know have been entered and are NOT zeros.  "Dough in the Morning," another Naples group is showing as the group we are a part of.  Could it be some of our entries have ended up under their group?  Please check to see we get appropriate numbers.  Thanks, Carolyn Marks


  • Jeremy Walsh

    Carolyn,  I think this issue lies in the back-end.  We have our database team looking into it currently and hope to have it resolved shortly!  Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

  • Richard Siri

    I am getting ready move into a leadership role in our chapter and happen to be a programmer and was wondering if there is a way to import data into the palms reporting area.  We currently don't have internet access in our meeting area and it would be helpful to do some of this at the meeting and import it afterwards.  Just curious and wondering if this isn't available, if there is a plan for it?  Thanks


    Rich Siri

    Michigan Early Riser's Chapter.

  • Jeremy Walsh

    At this time there are no API's or the ability to import the PALMS Report (or other data) into BNI Connect.

    However, this is a great suggestion! In order for this to be considered for a future release, please post this in our Suggestions & Enhancement Request forum, located here:

    This will allow it to have greater visibility to the entire BNI Community and foster further creative discussion about this request. The more details you can give when you post the idea, the better! For example, please include:

    * The intended audience that would use this feature

    * How it would enhance the BNI experience or process

    * What specific functions this would include

    * Any other details that would help the business analysts, project board, and BNI Community to better envision your suggested enhancement to BNI Connect.

    Please also take some time to browse through some of the other suggestions and comment\vote on them as well. This will help to raise the visibility of common requests so that they can be taken into consideration for upcoming release planning! And please, keep 'em coming, all ideas are welcome!

  • Mr Doug Canning

    Why does the Testimonials column never show up when entering the PALMS data? Every other column is there, so I'm currently having to get someone at National Office to enter the number of testimonials  for me. They told me it was my web browser but, this missing column does not show up at all on either Safari, Chrome or Firefox on my Apple MacBook Pro laptop. Funny this is that the column shows up when you print out! Anyone else had this problem? 

    Doug Canning, MC, Illustrious Chapter, Mill Hill, London.

  • Mrs. Mazlita Mat Hassan


    One of our members are having trouble with her entries being in DRAFT status, even after I, as the admin has already submitted the PALMS report. She has entered her entries (referrals / thank you notes) before I submitted the PALMS report, and yet, her entries remain as DRAFT and not Completed. How do we go about helping her to solve this problem?


    Thank you



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