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Chapter Operations - Assigning a Mentor\Mentee Pair



  • Heather Gladden

    This is fantastic! Our chapter has been using this tool and the members have found the weekly emails valuable! Is there a way to see all of the emails that are sent out? As a Director Consultant, promoting this to other groups, it would be very helpful to see what the members are going to see.


  • Heather Gladden

    Jeremy - I found it in the section for uploading customized templates. I do think it would be helpful for chapters, especially mentor coordinators, to be able to view a list of the emails that are sent so they can be "in the know" beforehand  rather than finding out from those receiving them (after the fact). Wonderful tool!!!


  • Sandra Taylor

    I attempted to follow the directions in the email (see below), regarding gaining access to the Mentor Coordinator Handbook. However, I did not see a "Documents" section on my home page. Can anyone advise a quick way to access the handbook?


    The same information is available to all BNI members in the Mentor Coordinator Handbook. You can see or print the Handbook if you prefer this information in a different version than email. (Go to; Sign in; go to Documents on your home page; look for Mentor Coordinator Handbook.)

  • Jeremy Walsh


    Unforunately, the document referenced in that email is no longer currently available as a document from HQ.  Please check with your local office to see if they have a replacement.  We do hope to have the mentor campaign updated from HQ soon!

  • Ryan Floyd

    Can we have access to these emails? Want to set something automatic like this again so that it keeps our new members motivated and reminded :)


  • Mr. Jim Riddell

    I just started as a chapter Mentor Coordinator. When I first started matching Mentors/Mentees, I didn't yet have access to this part of chapter operations. Now that I do, I find I can only choose start dates from today into the future. I see that the reason for that might be that this date will be the start date of weekly emails. But some of my mentees have been in our group for weeks now, and I can't enter a start date in the past. Wouldn't it make sense for there to be the possibility of entering a start date in the past, and have a system for them "catching up" on the emails they missed? Also, who needs a start date in the future? Don't people want to start the mentoring process as soon as they're assigned?

  • M. Frédéric CHAMPAUZAC


    In my french BNI website, impossible to use these fonctionnality.

    I've got un error message: "Une erreur est survenue pendant le traitement de la demansde".

    Please help me


    Frederic CHAMPAUZAC

  • Mrs Sarah E Symonds

    I am trying to assign a mentor / mentoring pairing but cannot get into this option via the Chapter Operations. I am part of the leadership team but wondering if this function is only accessed via the Mentor Coordinator? This is extremely frustrating if the mentor co-ordinator is away. Please advise

  • Mrs Hettie Kruger

    Please tell me when the Mentor and Mentee will receive the first email? If they were assigned yesterday - when can they expect the first email?

  • Karin Nauta

    I am trying to assign a mentor but cannot get into this option. I am the Mentor Coordinator.

    This is extremely frustrating, I don't know what to do....

  • Mr. Keith Wallin

    I am a Mentor Coordinator.  It would be great to receive push notifications for our respective chapters whenever the email is sent to the new member with his/her username and password to log into BNI Connect.  That way we can do follow up phone calls and notify them of the email and help them get into the system whether or not they are computer savvy.  The sooner we can get them into the system, the more quickly we can assign them mentors and get the Passport to Success Program initiated.


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