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  • Mr. Mark Grant

    Our full roster of members is not complete. We need to go back and edit where there was not a meeting due to weather or Holidays or speakers have changed to maintain records. It doesn't allow this. Our Director can't figure it oour either. Mark Grant   Lakeshore Entrepreneurs Muskegon, MI 

  • Ms. Robyn Parks

    We have 2 speakers every week and I'm not seeing how to enter 2 on one date. Any suggestions?

  • Mr. Mark Grant

    I simply did not scroll down for the additional speakers.

    My biggest complaint is that once a month has passed we can't go back a edit . I would have liked to use the web site for monitoring and tracking who did their 10 minute when? But your system is too simple minded and won't allow it. I think it should be changed. Some one can fix it.

  • Anne Olivo

    The edit function needs to allow editing of the entire record. Right now I can change speakers for a given date only by deleting the entire current record and creating a whole new record. Case in point, we had a member scheduled who needed a change. Now instead of just editing the dates for the speakers after her, I have to delete my entire list and start over. This lack of editing ability makes using this feature a complete waste of my time. I won't be using this feature again until this issue is fixed.

  • Ms. Robyn Parks

    My only issues with the new system now is that there is no option to enter "no meeting" on any given date. Still do not understand why there are names in the drop down list who do not belong there (just makes a longer list and unnecessary scrolling while looking for the name you want) Would like to have the ability to put "no meeting" due to holiday or closed meeting or whatever the case may be. Also, would like to be able to use it as a guide to keep track of when speakers are due up - keeping the basic order based on date of last presentation. The old system allowed this, the new one does not - at least not without printing each time and keeping all the paper! To make my own list seems like double work. Can this not be changed?

  • Jeremy Walsh

    @Robyn - along with the past editing and ability to "shuffle" the schedule, holiday\closed meeting dates are also "on the list" to be considered on the next functionality review.


    Hope this helps!

  • Christina Dunn Singh

    Do individual members have the ability to edit their own Topics or is that a function that is reserved just for the Leadership Team?

  • Brandie Nava

    Jeremy, I can't seem to add more than one speaker per date. Is it possible to add two?

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