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  • Mrs Beverly Smith

    Help!  It won't let me edit/change the visitor date!

  • Jeremy Walsh


    Great to hear from you, hope all is well!

    You are correct - the visit date cannot be changed once the visitor has been recorded in BNI Connect. This field, along with the "invited by" field, are both read only once the visitor has been submitted. The reason for this is that both of these fields are tied to the corresponding PALMS Report for that date as the credit for visiting was input into that meeting week as well as the member credited.

    If the date must be changed, then the visitor would need to be deleted and re-entered.

    That being said, we are investigating ways in which to make this field able to be amended, though there are some technical challenges to do so as it does involve editing the PALMS report in the process.

    Hope this helps!

  • Stephen Smith

    How do I edit a visit?

    I have made a human error, not selected who invited the visitor and now it can't be changed. What is the workaround?


  • Heather Gladden

    This is helpful in one respect, as it covers everything one can do, but I wonder, could we have specific instructions for converting a visitor to a member. I'm a DC and we encountered an issue with information we offer at training becoming out of date with the latest update. I had a Secretary/Treasurer very confused and very specific per task instructions would be helpful. Especially ones that we can count on to be updated as updates to the system occur. 

    (I did search the site and didn't find anything)



  • Mr Mike Elleston

    Jeremy - I am just starting to use BNI Connect as we are just going live in Newton Abbot, Devon, UK.  I can send invites but the operations>chapter>manage visitors etc is not working.  How do I get all this part of the system working.  Asked in the UK etc but drawn a blank !!!

  • Ms. Denice Bennett

    Jeremy, I need help. I put visitors on website, the visitors that qualified for an open category in chapter I changed to prospective visitor and now that info is no longer listed on the chapter info. How do I get back? or do I have to reneter? if if do I enter on registered visitor list?

  • Mr. Joel Parker

    Jeremy,  Is there a way to search by name for a visitor among all the other BNI chapters in our regional area?  We had a visitor today who may be chapter shopping (going from chapter to chapter) without the intent of ever wanting to join BNI.

  • Jay Hodes

    It would be great if there was a process to send a follow up/thank you email directly from the visitor list.  

  • Jeremy Walsh

    @Jay - an email is automatically sent as soon as a visitor is entered into BNI Connect - do you mean in addition to that one?

  • Mr. Michael Palladino

    Hi, Jeremy: Is there a way for us to edit the contents of the follow up visitor email at the Chapter level? I see a response in October 2014 from Tammy Prevo that this was added to the feature list.

  • Jeremy Walsh

    @michael - the follow up emails can only be updated at the REGIONAL level and will affect the email that goes out to any visitor from any chapter in the region.  These changes would need to happen by your regional admin or ED.

    Hope this helps!

  • Mr Geoffrey Colwill

    Hi Team - in the old system as VH I used the notes section of the visitor info to track my fup calls with past visitors to see if they would visit for a second time or become members or to track when to follow them up again - am I right in assuming that once a visitor has been confirmed by the LT then they don't show up on a search and I have no access to keep notes to effectively follow up with visitors and prospective members - Please tell me there is a way around this OR that you can provide this asap.

    The only other option is to record the info on my business database and I don't want to have to manually enter information in two systems.

    Thanks for your response

  • Mr Geoffrey Colwill

    I realise that I was selecting the wrong link - I now have access to the notes - thanks

  • Mr Geoffrey Colwill

    However it would be great if once submitting an edited visitor note we didn't lose the search display and have to re-search for the list again in order to update the notes for another visitor


    Please let me know - thanks


  • Jeremy Walsh

    Geoffrey - agreed and will note thta for the future!


    When I follow the directions "Go to "Operations > Chapter" the menu does not look the same here and the only displayed option is "Manage Visitors" where the only two options under that are "Record a Visitor" and "Register a Prospective Visitor". There is no option for editing the records of visitors. The problem being that a visitor was recorded and now it was discovered that the person responsible was not properly recorded (both persons are have the same first name). I suppose my question is: why am I not seeing the same menu options as you layout above?

  • Miss Bernita Brazier

    Hi Jeremy,

    Thank you for putting this up here for assisting all of us.  I did not know this existed until I received an invitation to your webinar.  Thank you for the training.  Also since I will be entering ALL of our visitors and I am not sure what professions they are in-may I ask how would I be able to re-create the whole picture please?  I will be doing all of them from now on and it looks like the VP will not have to register it on PALMS if I do this here.  I am the Sec/Treas by the way.  Thank you again.  Very helpful!

  • Dr Sarah Stock

    Hi there,

    Is only a member of the leadership team able to record visitors or does any member have access to do this? Please advise as our chapter has appointed a "Visitor Host" who is to be in charge of this and she had issues recording a visitor. Thanks.

  • Srta Cynthia Loza

    Hello everyone...we have a problem with duplicate visitors.....the member is adding a visitor...I receive a email with the detail of him o her and I can see the visitor at BNI Connect Operation.  When the visitor comes to the meeting I can check it at the same site....but when we go to the list of visitors that came to our meeting, there are duplicate...we don't know why...can you help me?

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