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  • Mrs. Cassandra Mydosh

    This is fantastic! I will be educating my BNI chapter Profits-a-Rizin about this opportunity when they do their follow-up phone calls, or in this case emails, to get their contacts to visit next week at our regular meeting. Thank you! Cassandra Mydosh, VHC

  • Mr Amar Gandhi

    How do I retrieve the name's and email id's of the people to whom I had sent invitation through Email Visitor Invitation via bni connect.

  • Jeremy Walsh


    Currently, the Email Visitor function is simply an outbound email template only.  It will insert the information you type into a template and send it out as an email to the email address you provided.  Once the email has been sent, it is no longer stored or accessible in the system in any way.

    If you think it would be a useful function, I invite you to please post it as a suggestion in our forum located here:

    Hope this helps!

  • Jane Carlstrom

    It would be very nice to have a copy of the invitation go to one's own mailbox on the site to have a copy and reference that the invite did indeed go out and to the right person with correct email address.  It would also be good to actually see, read over and be sure the invite looks good before it takes off.  Check and double check.  It is quite uncomfortable to send it out without a chance to review the look of the completed message.   It is also a double check for a member to see who was invited and when.  Thank you.  Also we ought not to have to go to yet another forum to post this sort of feedback.  Streamline this site, PLEASE. and Thank you.

  • Mrs. Deborah Carter

    This is a great tool, but I emailed one to myself to see what it looks like. There are text errors in it. How can I edit it? I won't send it the way it is - not very professional when it has errors.


    Awesome and Professional Invitee Tool! 

  • Timothy M. Houston

    What needs to be done is to integrate a RSVP button or link directly in the invite that will take the Visitor directly to the chapter's registration page.  Make it easier for them to RSVP.  Some people will directly reply to the email but others won't and yet, they will take action if they see a "click here to RSVP" in the body of the email invtation.

  • Riyaz

    Great idea from Tim, yes that modification will certainly help a great deal.

  • Mr. Justin Henderson

    Good idea from Tim.  I would like to see the visitor's RSVP automatically complete a Visitor Registration so the LT knows they have been registered.

    Also:  Could BNI Connect send a meeting reminder the day before the meeting?   OR  Could we have a branded email template like the invitation that we could send to remind the visitor?

  • Geoff Waller

    There should also be an unsubscribe option for invitees to prevent future emails if they do not wish to participate. We certainly don't want to leave a bad impression of BNI by bombarding them with unwanted emails. I looked through the menus, and there is no option to remove them from the system if they decline the invitation.

  • Mr. Todd Smith

    The menus are not like this. Please take these instructions down and replace them with valid ones

  • Jeremy Walsh


    Thanks for the comment!

    I just double checked my personal screen settings against the documentation and I see the following, which closely matches: 

    That being said, some of the menu items may or may not appear depending on a person's level of access and language settings.  For example, the view I pasted above and that is in the documentation shows the "maximum" menu items or a LT\admin view of the system.  Someone with more basic permissions might only see this with fewer options:

    Note also that in the first step, the chapter shortcut menu is able to be fully customized by each user, so that option may never appear the same in documentation and real life.

    Hope this helps!

  • Mrs. Michele Manzo-Lembo

    How can a chapter edit their template? For example, it shows NRG chapter meeting time at 7:30 am whereas we communicate to members & visitors to arrive by 7:15 am for open networking.

  • Andy Brasfield

    How can I tell if my invitee registered?

  • Ms. Tamara Taylor

    Very Nice

  • Barb Carlson

    Am I missing something, is the day just listed as a day of the week (i.e. Tuesday)?  How can an exact date populate (i.e., Tuesday, 11/18)? 

  • Mr. Mohd Syaiful Afzal Mohd Zaid

    How to customize the chapter message in the email?

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