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Chapter Operations - Entering PALMS Reports



  • Ms Jennifer van Eck

    Thank you Jeremy:-)

  • Cathy Shultz

    MY screen does not have a meeting management to pick

  • Balázs Horváth

    I suggest you maximize the input values for certain fields, or at least give a warning.

    This would provide user input error. For example the 121 and TYFCB are beside each other.

    We just had someone type 145000 to 121 field, and this spoiled the whole Hungary 121 report.

    RGI=Referrals Given Inside (Tier 1, Member to Member Referrals) : max 100

    RGO=Referrals Given Outside (Tier 2 or higher): max 100

    RRI=Referrals Received Inside (Tier 1, Member to Member Referrals) max 100

    RRO=Referrals Received Outside (Tier 2 or higher) max 100

    V=Visitors : max 200

    1-2-1=Member 1-2-1 Meetings max 200

    CEU=Chaper Education Units\Continuing Education Units max ?


    I suggest you add a thousand separator mask to this field, it would help prevent mistyping bug numbers.

    For example sbdy had a 200000000 HUF TYFCB, mistyped one zero 2000000000 and by this they spoiled

    the whole Hungary statistics.

  • Mrs. Jennifer Bryant-Olshove

    Hello,  when entering TYFCB on the weekly PALMS report, how do we notate who did the thanking so their "Revenue Received to My Business" on their "My BNI Business" home page is updated?  Example, JO submits a blue TYFCB to KK in the amount of $1725.  In the PALMS report, the VP enters under KK's column $1725, but there's no where to mark that it's from JO and her "Revenue" numbers aren't changing.  Am I missing something?  Thank you.

  • Balázs Horváth

    Hello Jennifer,

    Frankly : JO should start using BNI Connect on her own, and enter her slips for herself.

    The slips doesn't contain who it is from, and that's for a reason.

    It's a common misuse, that VPs do the members' job. If it takes 5 minutes per week for a member to take care of their administration, then it takes 30*5minutes for the VP. That's 2,5 hours!

  • Riyaz

    Hi Jennifer,

    For TYFCB to update in the members' Revenue Received to my Business line on their dashboard, the slip needs to be entered online.

    Whereas for entries using paper slips, this is not updated.

    Therefore Balazs' suggestion to encourage members to submit their TYFCB online has many merits.

    One of the reason the PALMS itself does not have a TYFCB Received column is for confidentiality purposes. People can know how much I gave out but what amount of business I received is confidential, so this data needs to be protected and only the person logging in can see their own figures from their own landing screen.

    We hope this helps to understand better.

  • Ms Solveig McCormick

    Yes of course. As usual. Thanks.

  • Ms Wendy Lloyd Curley

    The instructions say:

    Click the Mark As Holiday to submit this report as an empty report signifying that your chapter did not meet on this week.

    Here's my question:

    We took this week off (and will take the next three weeks off). Does Mark As Holiday clear the 121s, closed business, and referrals that we give each other over this time? If so, how do you recommend I capture that data? If not, then I'll use it.



  • Mr Suresh S Shetye

    Being a new chapter, I would appreciate if I could get clarity on entering Testimonial in PALMS. My query: 

    Whose name should be entered in column "T". Is it member who gives the Testimonial or member who receives the Testimonial?

  • OLD NA ACCT Sarah Turner DO NOT USE

    There is a t missing in the word Chapter in this part:

    CEU=Chaper Education Units\Continuing Education Units

  • Annette Walden Mason

    What is the cut off date for members to enter their Palms activity?  I thought it was the time that the chapter meeting ended, however I was recently told it was the night before at 11:59PM.  Which is it?  

  • Jeremy Walsh

    @annette - the cut off time is the END TIME OF THE MEETING.  For example, if you meet on Thursdays from 7-8:30AM, at 8:31 everything will start going to the next week's meeting.

    Hope this helps! If you have additional questions or wish to troubleshoot, please start a support ticket.


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