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  • Brenda Curry

    Just what I was looking for to send to a member!  Thank you.

  • Mr. Otoño Lujan

    This is a great help. It would be more helpful if emails were separated by commas (,) instead of semi-colons (;). My email program won't recognize semi-colons as separating emails, so I end up having to paste into a word doc, and then find/replace to convert the list.

    Are others facing the same issue?

    Can this be changed?

    Thanks so much,


  • Serena LoPiccolo-Smith

    The email client on my Imac won't recognize the semi-colons as well. This is the error message it returns every time I try to send an email to my whole chapter : “;;” does not appear to be a valid email address. Verify the address and try again."

    Pasting and the replacing them with commas to convert the whole list seems a pretty smart idea, although it is time consuming.

    Any advice?


    Serena Lo Piccolo-Smith

  • Mr. Richard Isom

    You could quickly load it in a text editor such as Text Wrangler and search and replace the semicolons with commas. It would be really fast.

  • Christian M. Macy

    It'd be great if we could just export the membership roster as CSV. For this as well as other uses. I like that we can get the data, but it's difficult to use as is.

  • Mr Noel Noble

    This email list assumes we want to email the entire chapter i.e. a group email. What if I want to email the Leadership team only or maybe just the President. The old website allowed you to select an individual, a group or the entire chapter. I think this could be improved.

  • Jeremy Walsh

    @Noel - great point!  I will definitely pass this along to the business analyst!

  • Mr. Suhash Bhavsar

    Can a group email list be created for each chapter?  something like  This would be a lot easier to send out emails to the chapter and would assure we are using the most recent list.  

  • Jeremy Walsh

    @suhash that is an AWESOME suggestion!  Would you mind posting it over here for greater visibility:

  • Mr. Ray Svobodny

    Hi Jeremy,  our Chapter would like to setup a Facebook & LinkedIn page but we'd rather use our chapter email address & not an individual member address.  Is there a webmaster email address that can be used?  Thank you.

  • Mr. Darrell Fortae

    I recommend implementing an email feature on the server.  That way, people can email without having to go through their email client.  There are many times when it's not practical to copy/paste and email with an email client.  The old site could handle this, hopefully this feature will be re-added soon.

  • Jeremy Walsh

    @Darrell - thanks for the feedback.  This is definitely something that is being considered for the future, though not in the planning stages quite yet.  The current system is sending out over 100,000 messages daily with the automated emails and this type of function that exists for the regional and national teams!  One of the things to consider is that with 200,000+ users in this system it will require a much more dedicated and powerful mail server if this was to be implemented.  Either way, I will reinforce this idea to the project manager and tech team for additional consideration in a future update!  Hope this helps!

  • Ms. Cathy Waldhauser

    I receive messages from other chapter members all the time through the BNI website

    rather than their personal email address, but now that I finally found that feature, my message will not go because it's missing a 'valid user'?  What does that mean and how do I fix it? 

  • Balázs Horváth

    I have the same problem as Otoño and Selena.
    @Jeremy I suggest you change semicolon separation to comma spearation, which would be in harmony with RFC 2822

    Or show another textbox with comma separation, below the current one with semicolon separation.

  • Herr Gunther Verleger

    @Jeremy, is there a possibility to have the Director Conusaltant automatically added to the selection. Not to spy Chapter e-mail correspondence, but to even better keep up to communication issues within the chapter?


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