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Manage Visitors - Adding a Visitor (Not Pre-Registered)



  • Mr. Craig Lang

    I don't get the "Add a visitor" or "Manage Visitor" menu items when I click on Operations|Chapter.

    What am I doing wrong?

  • Jeremy Walsh


    Access to certain functions in BNI Connect are controlled by permissions as set by your regional office and\or executive director.  If there are menu items that appear to be "missing", please speak with your Director Consultant or Executive Director.  They will be able to either adjust the permissions or explain how the process is performed in your area.

    Hope this helps!

  • Natalie King

    I added two visitors as the instructions, but now I can't locate them in the manage visitor log. Nor did the credit for inviting the visitor populate into the PALMS report. I used the submit button and a confirmation message appeared. Is there a delay on the updated information?

  • Mr David Plant

    Hi Jeremy,

    Why when adding visitors does it apply the credit to the following week's PALMS not the current weeks?

  • Ms. Wendy Portnuff

    I'd like to be able to update visitor information in the visitor log.  But I can't figure out how to bring up the record for an idividual visitor.  Can someone help me?

  • Jeremy Walsh

    David and Natalie - with this week's new update, the visitors will now be credited to the meeting in which they visited.  They DO need to be approved by the VP first before they are added to the PALMS report officially.

  • Jeremy Walsh

    Wendy - To EDIT a visitor record, you can use the process outlined here:

    If that menu is not accessible, it would mean that the permissions to edit visitors have not been granted to your user account.  Please speak with your Leadership Team, Director Consultant or Regional Office to have them make the adjustments necessary to either the visitor record <or> to your permissions.

    Hope this helps!

  • Ms. Lauren Still

    What does the Visitor Followup email say??  Can we get a screenshot of that so we know what will go to the visitors?

  • Jeremy Walsh


    The follow up email may vary from region to region as Executive Directors may adjust them to include regionally specific information or verbiage.  However, here is a view of the default before modifications:

    Hope this helps!

  • Mr Simon Tubb

    Harry Hall is not listed under Spire Chapter so have put his visitor Michelle Crosse on 6/5/15 in as BNI. Please can you have him put on the members list. Thank You

  • Mr Graham Greenhorn

    Hi again Jeremy

    Not a question but rather just another comment on this web site!

    I believe the list of professions and then the sub category of specialities is totally inadequate for the type of diversity found in BNI. At a recent visitors day I need to add the following persons. 1) Franchisor - not the franchisor of a single franchise but he runs multiple franchises. 2) Pest controller. 3) Funeral director. I have difficulty finding the correct slot for these people. We also have a sign-writer joining our chapter, I found his category, not under marketing where I expected, but under advertising.

    I don't have a solution to make things easier, but possibly if the categories had the option of entering ones own descriptions?


    Graham Greenhorn (VP Howick Chapter - New Zealand)








  • Mr Graham Greenhorn

    When a visitor returns for a second visit is there any way to record this with out having to re-enter all the details previously entered?   

  • Mr. Antonio Avery

    Good Morning

    I'm a new VP for my Chapter BNI Elite, and I'm trying to add past week members attendance to the palms report, looking for help

    Antonio Avery

  • Mr. Ray Hasto

    Jeremy, no system is perfect. HOWEVER, given the potential needs and broad flexibility I think this process is a huge help. At permission on our Executive Director, we authored and are trying out a revised sign in sheet for visitors. Due to the multiple subsets within categories, this has been a big help in making Post Meeting Visitor Host duties easier and faster. That sheet matches up with the primary list in this on-line process. Thanks for your continued efforts to help chapters, members and director consultants out in the field!!

  • Mr. Robert E. Reynolds, Jr.

    Since navigating to a different menu to record an upcoming visitor can be difficult for many members, can a hot button on the members home menu list be added where they log all their required activity that takes the member directly to the visitor log in page?

  • Tammi Kibler

    I am having trouble entering visitors I know have pre-registered. I get emails from bninotifications with the subjects like "A visitor has registered to visit BNI Watch City Chapter on 01/10/2017," but I cannot find these visitors. 

  • Mr David Briggs

    How hard is it to just add a direct link to an "Add a visitor" Pre or Post meeting. It boggles my mind why this website is so complicated when it should not be.

    Every member should be able to add the details of their visitors. The membership committee can then alter it later if required.


  • Mr. Lloyd Curtis

    I cannot get the screen indicated under Manage Visitors.  At one time, we could add visitors, but we cannot do it.  I think that as visitor hosts, we do not have the authorization for adding visitors.  Could you check that out and grant Joanne Fabish and Lloyd Curtis authorization to do so.





  • Ms Devanshi Shah

    Not able to add visitors who attended but not registered. Kindly guide as no option for Manage Visitors - Adding a Visitor (Not Pre-Registered)



    Thank you.


    Devanshi Shah
    BNI Sunshine, South Mumbai

  • Bà Nguyễn Thị Thu Hà (Quà tặng)

    I input the visistor infomation, but it shows errror creating duplicate visitor registration for the same chapter and visit date.


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