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Chapter Traffic Lights Report



  • Don Morris

    Jeremy, if would be extremely useful to have this information displayed on the report when it is viewed or printed. Without this information on the report, the values have very little meaning to those that don't track the data regularly.

  • Jeff Rutland

    I like the idea of the Traffic Report but it doesn't necessarily help a chapter assess its health. That our chapter has a lot of visitors helps us with one stat and hurts us with another (Conversion). Since we do Visitor contests, naturally the conversion rate is lower.

    Another question?  Does the average member of a 40 person chapter usually get more BNI related income than a 25 member chapter? I'd like the stats on that. My logic says yes but I want empirical evidence. It'd be a great motivator to know. Surely BNI can survey such things. They're in the PALMS report. It'd be highly motivating to my chapter to DRIVE HARD to reach 40 knowing that their BNI related income will increase 50% or something that is statistically provable by the nationwide PALMS summaries.

  • Herr Sean Poland

    Interesting report except the parameters are predefined as I see them.  It takes chapters in your region.  Our region only has 2 chapters so the comparisons are a little useless.  Is it possible to choose some other parameters?  Say a larger area, or other chapters that meet at breaksfast or lunch time?  Dont know just thought if one really wants to help see how there group is doing maybe some other variables would be useful.  This goes for a lot of the reports that have predefined parameters for region.

  • Permanently deleted user

    Jeremy…when two chapters have the same score, what determines which chapter is listed first?

    They aren't in alphabetical order…so…just wanting to know how the system makes the determination.

  • Mrs. Donna Stephens

    I have been asked if  there is a way to get a report on traffic lights by member, similar to the Personal PALMS report.  Can you help me with this?


  • Nancy Brennan

    It's interesting to see how we compare with other chapters but how do I get the report that shows out members trafffic lights?  Thanks.

  • Jeremy Walsh


    Great to hear from you!  Currently, only the chapter traffic lights are available in BNI Connect.  There are many regions that are manually producing member traffic lights reports and we are hoping to incorporate that into BNI Connect in a future release.

    Hope this helps!

  • Mr Jethani Bharat

    Dear JEREMY;

    One of my chapter i am supporting had a 89% retention last year which has dropped down.

    I have a goal for this chapter to take back at 90% which is average 50 MEMBERS in the chapter.

    I really get confused on how to calculate it the membership at this time a year ago and compare it to membership in this time of the year???

    Can you help me ?


    Bharat jethani

  • Miss Bernita Brazier

    Thank you Jeremy for setting this up.  May I please request a breakdown of the definitions for red, green, and yellow?  Also what constitutes these would be nice.  Thank you again.


    Bernita Brazier

    Visitor Host for the MoB

  • Colin Horner

    Need a different and more intuitive view of your Chapter traffic lights performance? check out this video: <!--?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?-->

  • Mr. Jensen Gelfond

    Is it still impossible to get a chapter traffic light report that is broken down by member? I am on my chapter's membership committee, and we want an easy way to visualize where each of our members are in their performance.

  • Carla Speer

    Is there new scoring in place for Traffic Lights? I am noticing more and more as I review Traffic Light scores from the report with my chapters that the score on the report does not match when we add up the score for each area. It is often giving 5 more points on the report vs. adding up the score values for each area. Why??


  • Mr. V H MC McDaniel


    This is V H "MC" McDaniel Managing Area Director for Mississippi & Louisiana BNI.   601-497-5576

    I have a Chapter in New Orleans that has a score of 65, but when I check it agains the legend, it should be 70.  I can't figure out the problem.  I tried to attach the report, but it did not work.  The had:

    Size = 21     5 points

    Growth = 3     10 points

    Retention = 82%      15 points

    Referrals = 1.42      15 points

    Visitors = 1.25       5 points

    Conversion = 10%    5 points

    Absenteeism = 1.68    15 points

    Total = 70

    Where is the problem?    



  • Cindy Mount

    On COnversion Chapter TL:

    Total number of visitors in PALMS or entered into database?


    Conversion (6 months): The number of members who have joined the chapter in the last 6 months is divided by the total number of visitors that have attended for that period.

  • Ms. Rebecca Dunn

    It would be nice if the traffic lights were over the same period of time versus one column for 6 months ... another for a year .... and it's an extremely confusing point system - the simpler, the better it seems would be nice

  • Ms. Jeanne Northington

    Peak Referrals - Birmingham, Alabama

  • Ms. Jeanne Northington

    November Traffic Lights

  • Ms. Jeanne Northington

    BNI Traffic Lights - Peak Referrals - Birmingham, AL

  • Ms. Jeanne Northington

    My traffic lights

  • นาย Christopher Lampert

    Can you please provide the calculation, for traffic lights, for each is each members' traffic light calculated?

  • Mrs Amanda Thornhill

    Where can we find the color coded version of personal traffic lights? I feel this would be good for a mentor to sit down with the member to go through. Does this exist?

  • Ông Dương Thành Việt Quang

    Dear Jeremy,

    Referrals per member per week (6 months): This is taken directly from the Summary PALMS Report for a 6 month period (current month + the last 5 months) --> Please help me to explain detail as the size varies from week to week.

    I am calculating my chapter TFL for current Aug, 2021.

    By today (23rd Aug), they have 1054 referrals, now 51 members and 25 meetings. Normally, I divide: 1054 / 51 / 25 = 0.76 referrals/member/week. But the result from Chapter Traffic Light is 0.72.

    Where is the different?


  • Jeremy Walsh

    @quang - it does not divide by # of weeks directly.  It takes the average of each member individually and derives their number of weeks based on their P+A+L+S from the PALMS for that period.  It does this because some people may only be there for part of the 6 month period so dividing their number by 25 would be in correct.  It also excludes holidays and reports that have not yet been submitted.

    Hope this helps!

  • De heer Ronny Van Baelen

    Hi Jeremy,


    What does "KSF" stands for? It would be useful to publish the scoring method as een additional page, when you export it as an Excel file.

  • Ms. Devon Thurtle Anderson

    Agreed, what does KSF stand for?  Also agreed an Excel export would be amazing.

  • Mr. Romzi Seli

    Hi Leaders, 

    Can I have in detail on how to calculate, each of the point. For example, the retention, its based on 12 month, how we can get the figure? 
    Its stated, mention on the number current ID with 12 month ago. but, how to get it?

    On Growth, its based on 6 month. Also, how to calculate in detail?

  • Jeremy Walsh

    Chapter Size: This looks at the current number of members in a chapter at the end of the month being reported

    Member Growth (6 months): This looks at the net change in the total number of members over the last 6 calendar months. (Current month + the last 5 months)

    Retention (12 months): This looks at the members who were in chapters 12 months ago and calculates what percentage of these members are still in BNI. This is done by comparing a list of membership IDs of current members with a list of membership IDs of members 12 months ago and comparing how many match, then taking the totals as a % of the total membership for each chapter 12 months ago.

    Referrals per member per week (6 months): This is taken directly from the Summary PALMS Report for a 6 month period (current month + the last 5 months)

    Visitors per week (6 months): From the Summary PALMS Report for the last 6 months  Total number of Visitors entered is divided by the number of meetings entered in that period

    Conversion (6 months): The number of members who have joined the chapter in the last 6 months is divided by the total number of visitors that have attended for that period.

    Absenteeism (6 months): From the Summary PALMS Report for the last 6 months 100.00 minus the score in the Traffic Lights column (percentage of absences) = the number to compare for the points (the attendance percentage).

  • Mr. Joey Webb

    I need to access each members personal traffic report. Not sure why this hasn't been figured out yet seeing how it was asked about 9 years ago. 


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