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Length of Membership



  • Mr. Patrick Pflug

    Thanks Jeremy Walsh for the tip ,many of us find BNI connect difficult , tho I believe it's just a matter of using it until you get used to it ,for example Face book for a first time user is overwhelming but after a dozen or so visits you really begin to enjoy it .Practice ,practice ,practice until you begin to play ,play ,play! Playing is fun ,but no one gets to play until they practice !

  • Lorrie Nicoles

    It would be helpful if the report included the member's sponsor into the current chapter.

  • Mr. Todd Smith

    Many of our members feel shorted in the Sponsorship category. Can we get a listing of all of our past and present members with their sponsors listed? We don't have the paper copies going back that far and our chapter pre-dates BNI connect.

  • Ms. Danette Lawrence




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