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Member Training Report



  • Mrs Deborah Foster-Stahle

    Hi Jeremy,

    This is a handy report.

    As we head into Leadership Team & Support Team Training in March, I've had a few requests for a Chapter-level report that shows chapter leaders (or the Director) who has registered for Upcoming Events and training sessions. The Member Training Report shows a historic record of sessions that have been attended, but not registrations for future sessions... Could registrations for upcoming sessions be added to the base of that report? 

    I also had a request from a member for a place to go in the site that will show him everything he's personally booked for (as he registered for multiple sessions in March). The Training History tab in the User Profile shows a history of what he has attended previously, but not future bookings... this would be a great addition to that list for members to reference. The only way that he can determine what sessions he's registered for in March, at this time, is to go to Upcoming Events, click on each session title and scroll down to the bottom - if the "Register Me" button isn't there, then he knows he's registered already. A thought is to add a "BOOKED" note beside the title of each session in the Upcoming Events list when a member has already registered for it - that would allow for a quick scan of the Upcoming Events list, rather than a deeper dive into each individual event listing.

    If this info is available somewhere, and I've missed it, please let me know:

    If there is a better spot to add suggestions, please let me know. :)

    Thank you,

    Deborah Foster-Stahle, Executive Director, BNI Ontario Central North

  • Balázs Horváth

    We require members to do MSP every year.
    It'd be obvious that if I set date range and 'Show Not Attended' I get the list of those who did not attend the specific training in the given period.
    But now if I check it it ignores the date range, and I get only the new members, who haven't attended MSP yet.

    They way it works is not obvious, and tricked us badly, as we thought out status is very good in renewing members MSP attendance. It turned out we are not :(

    My suggestion:
    If I check Show not attended - don't require date range fill.
    If I leave it empty, than it would work like now.
    But if I set date range - I get only those who did not attend in the given period.



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